Will the UK be in a better financial position out of the EU, as this video suggests?

My answer to Will the UK be in a better financial position out of the EU, as this video suggests?

Answer by Desmond Last:

To directly answer your question regarding the Video I would say the U.K has little to worry about.

But is a difficult question for me personally to answer. I know what needs to be undertaken to ensure that the U.K becomes a strong manufacturing and trading nation.

But I am not sure if the ‘Leave’ Campaigners have the same ideas.

They and the U.K media do not report me or any of my comments on the E.U referendum. Why?

You would have to ask Boris Johnson ,Micheal Gove and Ian Duncan Smith – the three key campaigners. You could also ask why Nigel Firage of UKIP why he refused me a meeting.

The reason I say this is because surely if you want people to vote Leave you make sure you explain why clearly. This I feel has been missing from the Leave Campaign.

It is the EU that should be worried. As the video (which is well-made) points out the Euro zone and the economic control of the EU is centered on Germany and Brussels.

Should we stay in we lose control and direction. We will carry out research where the EU wants it not where we want it.

That is a big danger. Medical research has been hijacked by those who interests are control and profit.

Money-making exercises via EU grants and funding do not have as their primary purpose the benefit of the people- more the pockets of those who direct the fiance.

We should be very wary of the approaching EU Superstate. We will be a society of the Super-Elite and the controlled.

The EU has no answers. Listen to Cameron and Osborne. They have no answers to any of the problems the EU face. They only have reasons why it is the U.K should remain.

If Ian Duncan Smith would come out of his closet and start leading, the Leave campaign may win.

Once out we can form a new Union with the other countries not in. Greece will be better off out. Spain will have a revolution unless it deals with 50 per cent youth unemployment so it too may come out.

That is what the Leave Campaign need to focus on. We are stronger out with those other countries who want Trade Co-operation not Political control, and Borders we can all safeguard.

The EU needs to be taught a lesson. To listen to the people.

Desmond Last

Will the UK be in a better financial position out of the EU, as this video suggests?

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