Is Islam a religion of peace?

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My answer to Is Islam a religion of peace?

Answer by Desmond Last:

Islam is a faith of Peace.

Any understanding of God as a religion will lead to conflict. God is not a religion he is a faith. Any understanding of God has to be that of Peace not war.

A faith that all of us will combine with God in the revolution of understanding brought to mankind by Jesus and the Prophet Muhammad.

You cannot own God. He is not your property. He is not yours to state that all must follow your way of understanding of God.

You cannot strap on a suicide belt and send the innocence God has given to Hell whilst you go the heavens.

Would God kill innocent people? ISIS who use the Quran to justify everything they do, should ask themselves how different are they from the crusader knights of Jerusalem who too killed in the name of God.

Innocence ISIS, is God’s greatest gift to us. You cannot take it away. For you are then trying to be God. God explicitly forbids this in the Quran. Innocence ISIS allows us understand each other, and not be blinded by bigotry and hate.

Is your understanding of God ISIS so weak that you have to force it on people? You are not following the way of the Prophet Muhammad when you force your faith onto others. He fought those who worshipped Pagan Gods. You are forcing those who believe in God as you do.

How valued then is the act of Anger that Mullah Omar undertook in the name of God when he punished those who assaulted children. That is the way of God. Children must be protected – all children ISIS.

You cannot ISIS, accuse the Crusader Obama of the act of war and then force your way of life onto others as he does.

God has given you the blessing of life not as a Sunni or a Shia but as one who has received the gift of life to protect.

God is one just as we should be.

Islam is not just a faith it is a way of life. Something the West still does not understand. The Quran is not the Bible. Both are from God yet they each have an application to different cultures.

It is not Islam that killed so many in Syria it is an ideology who use their ownership of God to wage war.

It was not Islam that sat in a Russian fighter bomber and killed innocents.

It is not Islam that allows at least one million children a year a to die of malnutrition.

It is not Islam who supply bombs and missiles to Saudi Arabia so they can bomb innocent children in Yemen. It is the U.K and Cameron who go to Church every Sunday.

When the IRA were killing innocent people did we say all Catholics were terrorists?

God and Islam are a purpose of Peace. If we are to blame Islam for war and terrorism we must blame its leaders. It is they who follow their religion with a blind allegiance that cause division. A division that others breed war from. The Christian faith too have not bridged the gap. I once met a Roman Catholic Priest who had never read the Quran.

Cameron and Obama can send as many drones as they want and kill as many ISIS as they can. But ISIS the Taliban Al Queda et al will never stop. For they are a cause.

You cannot use Western Islam to counter ISIS et al. It is two different languages. One from the soft warm bookshelves of a Conservative Islam the other from the harsh reality of a people who suffer war, disease, corruption and poverty.

I have read the Quran. I have prayed in a mosque. I have written the soul of understanding of God in verses of understanding. I am a Catholic. But I feel I can go to any church.

I know that my writing of God as a development of understanding would cause some to think before strapping on a suicide belt.

Ask Cameron who it is that has a new Philosophy a new understanding to stop the flow of extreme belief. There is none. Then ask him why he has stopped mine.

That is why a new understanding of the development of Islam is so important. Yet Cameron and Obama seem incapable of understanding that. So too Hillary Clinton. Their way is not working and a lot of people are dead because of that.

No it is not Islam that causes terror. It is the hypocrisy of all religions and their Government and leaders.

Desmond Last

Is Islam a religion of peace?

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