How do I reach destination peace?

My answer to How do I reach destination peace?

Answer by Desmond Last:

You cannot get to your destination until you no longer need to ask the Question.

The only way to get to your destination is to have the confidence to travel anywhere and with those that you wish to travel with. You cannot travel alone.

To travel alone is to become self-centered and withdrawn from life. You will not have the pleasure of laughter the solace of tears and the fulfillment of companionship.

You will never have Peace because you have only bought Peace to yourself which is a selfish act.

You have not exercised your mind in proving your Peace to others and given them the opportunity to share their peace with you.

To ask the question is to avoid the answer. You must find that within you which lies between your soil and spirit. It is the common bond we all have; that of shared experience.

Begin your journey with open ears and a questioning tongue. There is no Peace with bland acceptance. Fuel your curiosity with that of one who seeks to improve the lot of others. For Peace is your common bond and its enemy is selfishness.

Do not others tower over you. Instead be a tower to which they must climb. For this will choose your friends and slay your enemies.

Finally make a friend of God. See him as one who wants you to guide not by jealous guardianship of his words but by a partnership in community.

When you no longer have to ask your question then your Journey has began.

Desmond Last

How do I reach destination peace?

Author: Desmond Last

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