How will North Korea’s endorsement of Donald Trump impact his presidential bid?

My answer to How will North Korea's endorsement of Donald Trump impact his presidential bid?

Answer by Desmond Last:

It will depend on how Mr and Mrs America view the world outside America and what America’s role should be in that world.

The failure of the Security Council to bring a lasting Peace anywhere in the world, and its members inability to resolve conflicts by not taking sides, has endured America’s role as the World’s Policeman.

As long as America acts as the ‘first line of defense’ those countries who are not involved in fighting terrorism or rogue governments, will sit back and watch the body bags being counted and the cost to America continue to escalate.

Russia walked into Afghanistan and then crawled out leaving a bloody turmoil. Yet the U.S is still there whilst China seeks to sign resources deals with the Afghanistan Government.

China supplies all the world’s markets. Yet has never been involved in any of the conflicts.

Donald Trump has said he will talk to Kim Jung Un. He has also questioned the cost of keeping 28,000 American personal in South Korea. South Korea is the ninth largest Military Forces in the world and North Korea the fifth.

U.S. military non-personnel costs in South Korea totaled about $1.1 billion in 2012, while Korean payments totaled $765 million.Time for U.S. Forces to Leave South Korea – War on the Rocks

The United States has deployed three B-2 Spirit nuclear stealth bombers to support U.S. Pacific Command – you do not need 28,000 troops to fuel 3 B-2.

Is North Korea going to go to war if America pulls out of South Korea? Would 28,000 USA troops stop North Korea invading South Korea? South Korea’s military capability is modern and has a more flexible response.

Would North Korea be able to sustain a military campaign considering that they do not have the same flexibility of responses or the modern equipment and technology of South Korea?

How much longer can North Korea keep its citizens in order with the ideology of the Supreme Leader?

North Korea may have the numbers in military superiority but South Korea has the latest technology.

I would imagine that Kim Jong Un wants to bring his country in out of the could, but has to do it with dignity and respect.

Obama should have got on a plane with a bucket full of Trade deals and landed on Kim Jong Un’s doorstep. Why he has not I have no idea. Its just a plane trip.

The best way to avoid war is with trade and trade dependability. North Korea is potentially a huge market.

The other point is that by America taking a less prominent role in World Military Affairs it may lead to reform of the United Nations – which is long overdue. See My development of the United Nations

If America want the money to grass their own backyard then I would say some would have seen North Korea's endorsement as a good thing.

Desmond Last

How will North Korea's endorsement of Donald Trump impact his presidential bid?

Author: Desmond Last

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