Do corporations have more “rights” than human beings?

My answer to Do corporations have more "rights" than human beings?

Answer by Desmond Last:

I believe they do. They are able to ignore moral responsibility by claiming that they are only doing that which the law dictates.

They are able to operate to the minimum requirements of the law rather than seek to use their business to progress society.

They are able to lobby governments and pay large donations to Political Parties.

They have the right to move production to areas of lower labour costs without regard to those they put out of work.

Coca-Cola has the right to to use 162g of oil, seven liters of water and 100g of carbon dioxide to make a one liter plastic bottle.

They have the right to source their production from ‘sweat shops’

They have the rights as Phillip Green has to to take 400 million out of BHS and then sell it for £1 to a bankrupt with no retail experience. Then buy the Corporate HQ rent it back to BHS and call in a loan for £35 Million to send BHS into liquidation. Then move Top Shop Oxford into the empty BHS store in Oxford. The 11,000 employees of BHS had none of these rights.

The board of Directors have the rights to charge fees that would keep a small country out of debt.

They have the right to tell Governments not to do anything about Climate Change because they will have to increase their costs and hence profit and Directors enumeration.

They have the right not to make their Employees Pension Fund contributions, stay out of Jail, and get the Governments to pay them.

They have the right as Google do to allow the NSA access to all our information.

They have the right to take away individual liberty and Community sovereignty by influencing Government Policy and threatening to move production.

They have the right to use the G7, G10 and G20 to form cartels to control both price and supply.

They have the right in the U.K to use zero-hours contracts to treat people as serfs to be called to work as they see fit and to use the contract to intimidate workers.

They have the right to over-supply to drive down prices and take over markets as the Chinese Steel Mills did to the U.K

They have the rights to buy a company just to obtain Carbon Trading credits and then sell the Credits and put the company into liquidation.

They have the rights to own capital, to centralize that capital through the Euro and the EU to control economic sovereignty.

They have the right to bid on Government Defense Projects knowing they will during the life of the Projects double the cost.

All these are rights we as individuals do not have.

We may have our freedom on paper. But in reality we are becoming more controlled everyday. Unless we fight for our freedom we will lose it altogether.

Desmond Last

Do corporations have more "rights" than human beings?

Author: Desmond Last

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