Brexit: Realistically, is Britain better off in or out of the EU?

My answer to Brexit: Realistically, is Britain better off in or out of the EU?

Answer by Desmond Last:

In the long-term we will be prouder safer and economically independent when we leave the E.U. We will be able to decide when to build a hospital and how large our Police Force has to be. We will only let people into our country who are not a rapists fleeing an EU Country. We will make sure that those who come to the U.K are not terrorists and we will not let drugs and guns into the U.K through unmanned borders.

We will as a Country be able to debate the size of our population and the resources required to provide for x size of population. Resources include water, waste disposal, electricity supply, road space, train capacity etc.

We will be able to use the Army to check all shipping containers and vehicles coming in and out of the U.K for human trafficking.

We will be that which we should be; Citizens in charge of our own destiny.

We will be able to mange our Social Justice System not just react to its unknown demands.

Would David Cameron run a hotel without a booking system? Because that is what the U.K has become.

Is it our fault the Polish Government is unable to mange an economy? No. But we have to pay for their incompetency.

The EU is no longer an economic group formed to increase trade and and safeguard economic borders.

It no longer exists for the countries that are members of the EU, it exists for itself.

Cameron made a big mistake when he attempted to reform the EU. I would have offered the EU a choice. Reform or I will pull out not just the U.K also Spain, Portugal, Greece and Italy. These are all countries that have very high un-employment and economic systems weighed down with Euro Debt that have not benefited by being in the EU.

The EU office boys -Junkers etc are very nervous about the U.K pulling out and Cameron who is not a negotiator failed to see that.

If we pull out Spain and Greece may follow.

Can we form a new EU? I would have used their fear against them.

Merkel who has used the E.U as her own personal fiefdom will not want to harm her market. Why would she risk the EU’s largest market the U.K – we do not have to buy BMW’s or Mercedes.

We had all the cards and Cameron failed to use them. He has failed the U.K – it is up to us to decide who and how many live in the U.K. It is our country.

The EU is a money-pit. Staying in is not going to reduce the size of the Pit. Should the U.K vote to stay in the U.K it will enable the EU will only become more powerful .

The U.K will only be able to do as it is told. Make no mistake we will be a tiny voice should we stay in. A lot of people make a lot of money out of the EU and not one EU office boy is suggesting they reform the system of the EU.

The EU Army. More money and an obvious attempt to reduce America’s influence through NATO. We have NATO why do we want yet another military money-pit?

What is the point of being a citizen of your country if somebody who you have not elected can decide the way in which your country is managed.

I find it unbelievable that we have no controls over our borders and the size of our population.

How on earth can we plan a hospital, a school, a Police Force, a Social Justice system if we do not know the size of our population?

It is possible for a car full of weapons to drive across Europe and not be stopped and checked at borders – madness.

Theresa May states crime has gone down. So all the EU citizens who come to the U.K never commit any crimes?

Osborne has mislead the U.K and should resign. We are borrowing money to pay for infrastructure and Government to enable EU citizens to come to the U.K.

We should be growing our economy by efficiency and productivity not by borrowing capital to increase GDP with the profit of our borrowing going overseas.

When is the U.K going to realize that Osborne does not know how to run an economy. He is only able to borrow money and cut service's. We are not in the Euro but we are included in the bail-outs. Why? It is not our fault that Greece has a Prime-Minster who is not able to run an economy.

The more you borrow the more you lose economic sovereignty. Are we to end up like Greece?

Does he really think those who export to the U.K are going to put up their prices should we leave. When I go to Sainsbury’s I see apples from all over the world.

We can quite easily form a non-EU group and do the same to the EU as they threatens to do to us.

I have dual citizenship. I emigrated to Australia ( I am returning soon to take the Australian Gov to court). I had to have full medical, a trade test, X-rays and an AIDS test. They wanted me. Yet here in the U.K we have no choice – we have to let anybody from the EU in.

It is our country. We do not belong to the Office Boys of Brussels.

Free movement does not have to stop provided that you have the space and money and jobs for the EU migrants.

Corbyn needs a reality check. He marched with the Steelworkers whose jobs are at risk because the EU will not put a halt to Chinese Steel dumping.

The EU did not stop zero hours contracts did it Labour? Nor did it stop Osborne and the bedroom tax. It also has not stopped 000’s of men women and children drowning in the Mediterranean. It did nothing when Turkey took over the Press – and Labour the so-called Party of the People supports the EU – Why?

The U.K will be swamped if we continue to stay in an EU which allows free movement.

Who is going to pay for it all? We borrow £5200 a second and it is going up not down. The EU is a failure. We do not need a European Superstate to trade – we have all been conned. The EU is about centralization of Power and Economic Control.

Desmond Last

Brexit: Realistically, is Britain better off in or out of the EU?

Author: Desmond Last

My name is Desmond Last. For the past 15~ years I have been writing and developing my own original new Ideas and Systems for a Better World. I am employed as a full-time Security Officer for the NSW Government at Liverpool Hospital Sydney. I also act as an Engineering Consultant to EarthCruiser Australia.

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