Why doesn’t the US have Lords (as in the UK)?

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My answer to Why doesn't the US have Lords (as in the UK)?

Answer by Desmond Last:

Because the British People have ‘trust’ as their method of democracy. Whilst the American people have ‘respect of their individual liberty’ as the method of their democracy.

The Monarchy which is the foundation of that trust, supports and authorizes the House of Lords.

The People subconsciously are brought up to believe that the Monarchy will always step in to protect them, and so to then the House Of Lords.

To want to get rid of the House of Lords is really the same as saying that there is no longer any trust in those who are appointed, with the consent of the Queen to represent us – in effect a democratic revolution.

The House of Lords are a very destructive force in the development of democracy in the U.K. They never consult the people and the people can very rarely meet with them.

They hold back the representation of the democratic needs of a large diverse population. They make little comment and only occasionally do they reject Government policy.

The people of the U.S.A. would laugh if you told them that they were to be represented by an un-elected group who each get paid £300 per attendance and do not have to speak a word.

Americans have fought hard for their independence and are prepared to defend it.

We have fought for freedom. But unlike the Americans, we have not in modern history, fought as a people, for our political independence.

The EU Convention of Human Rights does not allow for the House of Lords – but they too allow it to represent the U.K people.

There is no such person as a homeless Peer of the Realm, nor one who has to use a Food Bank or watch their Steel Mill be closed. How can they represent the people – they do not.

Until the House of Lords is reformed and replaced with a second elected House it sends a message to the Establishment that the people of the U.K are subservient to the Political System, not equal to it.

Whereas in America all the Politicians are answerable by determination of the rights of their people.

The 800 plus members of the House of Lords would not last five minutes in the Senate.

Americans are too proud of their system of Government to allow a House of un-elected political appointees to represent them.

Desmond Last

Why doesn't the US have Lords (as in the UK)?

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