Was Marilyn Monroe murdered?

My answer to Was Marilyn Monroe murdered?

Answer by Desmond Last:

Marilyn Monroe was murdered. At the time of her death Marilyn Monroe had successfully renegotiated with Fox for the film ‘Something Got to Give’ she was making’ for one million dollars.

24 hours before Marilyn died Broadway composer Jule Styne had called Marilyn from New York, to offer her a staring role in a musical version of ‘A Tree Grows in Brooklyn

Marilyn had two film offers from Italian Film producers worth $11 million.

Marilyn had no need to let her finances become a factor in any suicide attempt.

Despite being rejected by Robert and Bobby Kennedy she was angry enough to not let the rejection depress her.

Marilyn had placed orders for new dresses, finalized a film shoot for Playboy and had finally manged to live with her past.

So why would she commit suicide?

Those that viewed the unfinished ‘Somethings Got To Give’ said she was composed and professional.

Marilyn had everything to live for. She was an expert on the drugs she took.

She had just finished having an affair with the President of the United States of America and had been very friendly with Bobby Kennedy.

The screenshot is of Marilyn's Autopsy report – a copy of the Original. It states the stomach is almost empty……..’no residue of the pills is noted’….’and no refractile crystals’…

Marilyn was murdered with a lethal injection.

I wrote a poem for Marilyn. In it I said that ‘when Marilyn died, the American People learned they had to live with a Government and its lies’ – and they still are.

Desmond Last

Was Marilyn Monroe murdered?

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