What is science fiction?

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My answer to What is science fiction?

Answer by Desmond Last:

We had difficulty with this question. We came across it whilst trying to find out why it is that perfectly sane people would want to spend all their time killing themselves.

But then when we went forward in time they were all dead. So why are we still alive?

Even though the time expressways allowed us to vortex ourselves into light beams of centuries we are still unable to release Obama from his million million years of Galaxy Hell.

So on that basis perhaps we are Time Lords because Galaxy Hell has got an awful lot of people in it – Putin is in there too.

But we are also wondering if we are all asleep and dreaming that Obama is in Galaxy Hell and that we are not Time Lords.

Or are we Time Lords but now stuck in 2016 because our trans-laser vortex Control has run out of Power.

But we could also be Obama and this is Hell .

But why is Obama still alive? Or are we to suffer looking at dead children from war and poverty for an eternity.

So that is Science Fiction. The ability to transform the unbelievable into the believable yet at the same time abstract beliefs.

Now all you have to do is answer the question. Is mankind a bad dream or is it reality?

Desmond Last

What is science fiction?

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