What is more important, peace or freedom? Is it possible to achieve both?

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My answer to What is more important, peace or freedom? Is it possible to achieve both?

Answer by Desmond Last:

You can enjoy both but you cannot own Peace and Freedom. It must be for all to share.

I need my freedom in order to achieve Peace.

In order to feel free you must be able to exercise your decisions to enjoy Peace without the suffering of another.

Peace be it Inner or Global can only be achieved if all the energy available to you is also available to others. There can be no Peace unless we all want Peace.

By energy I mean all the pathways that you allow your emotions to travel must be open to others to travel too.

That means empathy. We must understand each other if we are to utilize our freedom and enjoy our Peace.

That is one of the reasons we cannot cage a Lion or contain a whale. We must understand the concept of freedom. It is more than a right or a duty it is the freedom of the mind to enlarge itself through free thought.

Freedom and Peace are not abstract concepts. We feel the loss of them in our everyday lives. To some it is the possibility of being a crime victim, to others the subject of prejudice and to many it is the loss of economic freedom.

Our Peace be it inner, physical or Global is dependent on how we are able access and use our freedom.

I am going to use a very tragic current situation in order to explain freedom and Peace.

Orlando. The saddest part (apart from the deaths and wounding) was that in some parts of the World the killings were being celebrated. Those emotions they are expressing of celebration have shackled the freedom of Americans to them.

American are no longer free to feel Peace. They are not able to live their lives as they want without fear of being shot or blown up. So now they have no inner Peace – it is gone.

Then they Listen to Donald Trump. It is a good speech. He takes the lost freedom of the People and he calms their inner turmoil with an emotional control that has to be admired.

He does not say blame Islam. He blames the Immigration System. He also shows his regard for the Gay Community and does not blame Islam as a faith – He want's the system fixed.

He has in one short speech regained the freedom and Peace lost so tragically at Orlando.

He has yet to bridge the distance between America and all those who have died in conflicts that America has been involved in. That is Global Freedom and Peace.

What Donald Trump illustrated is that Peace and Freedom are just important in the mind as outside of it. Even with all the means we have to physically enforce Peace and Freedom, it is the freedom of the mind that gives you inner Peace.

He took back control of America’s Freedom and he made himself responsible for its Peace. He did not let one killer own America’s freedom and Peace.

That is what we all have to do if we want Peace and Freedom. We have to take responsibility for it. We have to want to recognize it and then want to share it.

Yes it is possible to achieve both Freedom and Peace but you have to want to share it not own it.

Desmond Last

What is more important, peace or freedom? Is it possible to achieve both?

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