What do pro-gun people think of living in Australia?

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My answer to What do pro-gun people think of living in Australia?

Answer by Desmond Last:

I am pro-gun and I live in Australia but am currently in the United Kingdom. I am returning very soon.

Malcolm Turnbull, Obama, Hillary Clinton and David Cameron have armed Police guarding them who will shoot dead anybody who attempts to harm them.

But when somebody tries to harm us we are meant to use a baseball bat to stop somebody shooting us with an AK47.

Why is it that armed Police Officer will shoot somebody who is trying to shoot me but I cannot do the same?

In an ideal world we would not need to protect ourselves. But it is far from an ideal world.

Any person who has decided to break into somebodies home and is armed is going to kill the person inside. Yet the anti-gun lobby expects us to stand there and be shot.

I like the majority of us are trusted to vote, to walk the streets, to work to pay taxes yet not trusted to protect ourselves.

If you live in a high-crime area and you have attended a full-time professional gun course with 12 monthly re-checks and are able to hit a target ,why would you not be allowed to use a gun to protect yourself and your family – Obama is.

Obama is not going to sit there and let some lunatic blast him and his family away is he?

It is time to get hard on crime. We let them get away with carrying guns yet we get arrested if we have to defend ourselves.

Australia has a high rate of gun crime. Drive-by shootings are common as is gun-running. The huge mostly un-policed coastline of Australia makes it a hub for crime. The EU too must take the blame for illegal guns. No border checks – they are insane.

I was at at home in Sydney when somebody started smashing the window to get in. If I had a gun I would have shot him. Why not? What right does he have to smash his way into my home.

We need Regulated Professional ownership of guns which will reduce crime. A proper course not a one day sit-in. With a minimum level of accuracy.

We also need a Global Database of all weapons. I put together a complete new gun law. But not one Gov was interested.

When I go back to Australia I am not even allowed pepper spray. If I have a gun at home I cannot use it to shoot somebody breaking into my home. Why not?

Desmond Last

What do pro-gun people think of living in Australia?

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