What will happen to people who aren’t rich if Donald Trump becomes president?

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My answer to What will happen to people who aren't rich if Donald Trump becomes president?

Answer by Desmond Last:

They will be able to dream and hope they will be able to be as rich as Donald Trump. The American dream will return.

Whereas with Hillary Clinton they can watch the Power Elite become richer and more powerful as they continue to become poorer.

Hillary Clinton comes from a Political Age that has had its time. It is one in which we are told what is good for us and that we must suffer for that good to come. It is of an age where the poor give vast sums to rich groups who can spend it on projects which are of no benefit whatsoever to them. The poor can expect to see a transfer of wealth productivity back to the people.

I do not think those who seem so intent of finding fault with Trump , and there is plenty to find fault with, realize what a different world it will be for America, should Donald Trump become President.

He is used to taking charge and making decisions. Any decision he makes will have to benefit all the people of America and he will have to win.

I watched Donald Trump on C-Span at the Faith and Freedom Conference. He was straight to the point. He was polite to those who had helped him and he dealt with the protesters the only way he should – evict them. They have Hillary Clinton and if she is good enough she will become President. If not – it is called democracy.

Afterwards I watched a White-House Press Conference on America’s fight against ISIS – it was all America is doing this, spending this etc.

Donald Trump will make sure the Poor do not see their young come back in body bags protecting China’s and the rest of the world’s Middle East markets.

It is a pity we do not have a leader for the U.K. like Donald Trump. He is going to make sure that every penny is counted, and that the faceless ones who think they run America fulfill their public duty and obligation to work for Mr and Mrs America, not the big boys. The poor will benefit by his focus on domestic policy.

I believe he really is doing it for America not big business or liberals who want to champion causes that hold America back.

On C-span he said family is important and that he is pro-life. Simple but far-reaching. We have to have moral benchmarks. We have to ensure that something anchors us to our morality.

That is what Mr and Mrs America who are not rich want. They want to know they can be rich but is has to be done honestly and by use of a morality their governments have lost.

Not everybody wants to be rich. For many morality is more important. Donald Trump is sincere in his morality. He is not perfect but then neither is anybody else. For many who are not well-off God is the standard bearer for their morality. To be honest and good is so much more important than to seek riches for oneself.

The poor of America are getting a man who will do everything he is able to for every person in America. He will not lie. If it bad he will say it is bad if it is good he will make sure you know about it.

Mr and Mrs Poor America are going to see a more disciplined Police and a more protective Police – Trump believes in the rule of law.

The poor of America need somebody to speak for them as they do everywhere. As long as they are prepared to work Trump will work for them. But he will not lift a finger to help a shirker so expect $USAID to take dive. Which will help the poor of America.

He has spent all his life doing the deal. He loves to win the deal and loves to get a pat on the back for it. There can be no better pat than knowing you have made a difference to those who are least able to make a difference for themselves.

Desmond Last

What will happen to people who aren't rich if Donald Trump becomes president?

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