Will global warming rise 4 degrees c?

My answer to Will global warming rise 4 degrees c?

Answer by Desmond Last:

How do we know what the temperature is going to rise to as we have no method of controlling it?

  • In 2015, the average temperature across global land and ocean surfaces was 1.62°F (0.90°C) above the 20th century average. This was the highest temperature among all 136 years in the 1880–2015 record; it marks the fourth time a global temperature record has been set this century.
  • The 17 warmest years on record have all occurred in the last 18 years.
  • The above information is taken from Climate Change: Global Temperature a U.S.A. Government website.
  • It is not good enough to say that a reduction in Global Emissions by 2050 will reduce both the trend and the average Global Temperature.
  • Paris 21 will go down in History as the biggest failure of Governments to deal with the biggest Problem to ever face mankind – Climate Change.
  • How can a temperature rise whose rate of change is increasing everyday be suddenly reversed when we do not have the method of decision to ensure that reverse. Paris 21 is not mandatory – are we insane?
  • We do not have an accurate, secure and verifiable data stream which we can use in a real-time replication of our Planet’s systems to state if the temperature increase is going to be 2, 4 or even 10 degrees higher. Nor do we have a system of calculating the parameters of the equation that are needed to prioritize our response to climate change.
  • What is the point of planting a forest of trees if it makes absolutely no difference to climate change unless it is planted in the right position?
  • Paris 21 will take our $100 billion a year and like AID money will be used to fill corrupt organisations and governments bank accounts.
  • Until we secure our data stream and use a model which we can use to replicate the parameters and effects of our changes to the pressure systems of our Planet, the rise could be as much as 10 degrees.
  • Desmond Last

Will global warming rise 4 degrees c?

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