Why is foreign policy important to Hillary Clinton supporters?

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My answer to Why is foreign policy important to Hillary Clinton supporters?

Answer by Desmond Last:


The description given by the person being interviewed by me on Anzac Day in Australia in this video I made is why foreign Policy is important to Hillary Clinton and I would say to Donald Trump too.

As the Gentleman in the video states” War is horrific”

As somebody who for 8 years has perused World Peace with Poetry, Songs and New Systems and Ideas I would hope that World Peace is equally as important to Hillary Clinton's supporters.

I cannot think of any reason other that economic that it would be important for.

America has to be very careful or she is slowly body by limbs being dragged back into conflicts around the World. Unless foreign policy is changed to accept a more forward-thinking approach America may have to get used to seeing the American flag once again draped over returning coffins.

I do not know what Trump means when he says ‘we will make the military great again’. I would have thought $650 billion a year would have been enough to make any military great.

War and conflicts restrict economic opportunity which is also another reason for Hillary Clinton to put Peace high up on the agenda.

But How? My ideas are new and increasingly becoming more known around the world but I haven't had a phone call from Hilary Clinton asking for any input to new policy.

Hillary's supporters are traditionally to the left of center. To get those on-side it is not going to be good enough to say we will get tough on ISIS or Al-Qaeda, because it has not worked and never will. Sure you can push them up into Northern Iraq or buttonhole them in Libya – but they cannot be exterminated. They have a cause – you can never defeat a cause.

Foreign Policy is I believe, the battle-ground for Trump and Clinton. Trump seems to want a ‘user-pay’ for the American Military. Hillary Clinton may use Bill Clinton to take a more diplomatic apporach, whilst upping America’s involvement. But Bill is 70, he may be her philosopher, but I doubt if he wants to go charging around the Middle East again.

Hillary Clinton cannot afford to off-side her support in the Senate and House of Representatives. They will not give her support on domestic policy if it is going to be the ‘same old same old’ Foreign Policy of the last 8 years.

Yes it is important to her supporters as they will expect a proposal for Peace and one that does not become yet another Afghanistan or Iraq.


Why is foreign policy important to Hillary Clinton supporters?

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