Why are bodily rights generally not agreed upon in society?

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My answer to Why are bodily rights generally not agreed upon in society?

Answer by Desmond Last:

How free are we? I do not see how we can recognize our freedoms, whilst those we seek to enjoy we enslave without any thought as to their freedom and happiness.

Why do we cage Lions, Gorillas, Elephants – we know that we are taking away their freedom but we still do it. We set children’s mindsets to control of freedom when they see creatures gr8 and small caged in zoos.

Can we achieve individual liberty through the freedom of our bodies when our own concept of freedom has limitations for others?

We may have our Human Rights on Paper, but in practice as I well know, David Cameron and Barack Obama can bin them any time they want – or at least till I am standing in front of them with a copy of the law(s).

How far should we allow the State to have control of our lives? Is the State not the medium through which we allow the Parameters of our consensus to have control of us?

The State is there is allow us as individuals to co-exist with each other in legally recognized form. Be that as an individual or a community.

Yet it increasingly stands for itself against the individual. It no longer takes the trust we give it as responsibility but uses it instead as a Power against us.

I will give you an example. Nigel Firage is an Member of Parliament for Europe and the leader of the United Kingdom Independence Party. He represents me.

I cannot meet him to discuss a subject I would like raised in the European Parliament. I cannot get passed his secretary who wants me to answer questions he has no right to ask.

If we cannot meet those who represent us how do we retain and evolve our individual liberty?

How can we change our society when society is longer ours to change?

“Governments only takes notice when Government may no longer be Government”.

You ask a key question it. I have answered it by saying why would the State give us more individual freedom to make our own decision when they want more Power over us.

I do not see a Society who are able to debate and decide decisions such as you ask. I see a State controlled media who cower before whoever owns them and powerful interest groups who buy the ear of Government – with no place for individual thought.

Their systems of Government are failing. They need more Power to maintain law and order. They have no solutions so instead they can only use Control through Power.

Our lives are our own. We should have that freedom to choose what we do with our bodies, provided we have the mind to do so – that means safeguards. But on abortions who speaks for the child?

Assisted suicide should be an option for all of us. Why live in Pain?


Why are bodily rights generally not agreed upon in society?

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