What is the solution for peace to come to Afghanistan?

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My answer to What is the solution for peace to come to Afghanistan?

Answer by Desmond Last:

If Peace is to come to Afghanistan, it has to be a Peace for all the People of Afghanistan not a Peace for America or Russia.

With so many vested self-interests, like Syria, it is almost impossible to create a Peace that will last.

Any Peace will have to include the Taliban and that also means Al-Qaeda and ISIS.

How is it possible to create a Peace without them?

All the resources of the United States and the Coalition have been used against the Taliban, and Mujahideen and Al Qaeda and they are still there.

Any Peace that is agreed on, that does not include them, will as all others have been, be terrorised and bombed into oblivion.

I have written poetry, songs and policy for Afghanistan. Yet both Cameron and Obama have ignored my connection with not only the People of Afghanistan but also the Taliban the Mujahideen and Al Qaeda. I have never been to Afghanistan but they know who I am.

As far as my opinion is concerned Obama and the West have by ignoring me and the Global support I have for wanting World Peace, made the world more dangerous.

What is their solution more dead Afghans and Afghan Military. More dead Marines. More money wasted?

What right do Cameron and Obama have to stop me speaking to the people of Afghanistan and the Taliban ? I will be anyway.

Cameron and Obama are are fools, dangerous fools. Why would you ignore somebody who is willing to risk his life who may be able to produce a Peace Solution for Afghanistan?

It is time that the World asked the same question of Obama and Cameron.

Desmond Last

What is the solution for peace to come to Afghanistan?

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