How would it be if there are no boundaries between countries and the entire world were one?

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My answer to How would it be if there are no boundaries between countries and the entire world were one?

Answer by Desmond Last:

Come to the United Kingdom and the E.U to find out what happens when you do it without any planning or preparation.

The U.K is no longer British. It might be to the likes of Amanda Horden and Simon Cowell of Britain was Great. But they live in the land of the eternal chauffeured car and Security Guards to keep the peasants way.

But as far as I can see the U.K no longer has any identity and the pride of that identity.

We cannot lose our cultures without losing our freedom through the restrictions then placed upon us by other cultures.

I have lived in Australia and been to the U.S.A so I have experienced first-hand multi-cultural countries.

They are multicultural countries that have taken over 2oo years to learn to live with all the different nationalities that make up the two countries.

But you cannot call the U.K multi-cultural. All those liberals and culture vultures who scream racism as soon as you say the U.K has lost its identity and is full are mostly well-off. They do not have to squeeze onto a train every morning.

It has been forced onto the U.K in a way that no other country until recently has had to accept – now the failed application of EU free movement is beginning to hit the pockets of other host countries and their bit of cultural space.

Another disadvantage of free movement is that you need to feed, water and take away the waste of all the people who have moved to your country.

The U.K is fast running out of room and soon possibly fresh water.

It gives a free ride to the Politicians of those countries whose economies are so badly run that they do not have enough work for their people.

You also have the spread of disease and crime.

The U.K builds infrastructure for the EU Citizen who come here . Many then take low-paid jobs which pay little or no tax. Some of the companies they work for are foreign owned with profits going back to the investment company in another country.

The U.K has lost control of its Primary producers , as the U.K has seen with the Steel Industry and TATA Steel an Indian company wanting to close their plants in the U.K.

Because of low economic productivity the UK can only pays its bills by GDP turnover increasing and borrowing £5200 a second. This has meant allowing the economy to grow with EU and Commonwealth nationals not productivity and efficiency savings.

The U.K has a population of 70 million~ but only 30 million are in work.

The 40 million who include EU and Commonwealth dependents need at least one or all of the following: a bit of road, a car park space, a train seat, a doctor, a Police Officer a Teacher a spot on the beach etc

The U.K is broke. It cannot afford to keep cross-subsiding the EU countries who are not able to employ their own citizens.

Yes it would be great to have no borders but you need World Peace an equal economies and no crime.

Which is why the EU or a World without borders will never work.

Desmond Last

How would it be if there are no boundaries between countries and the entire world were one?

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