Do you believe that the emotional impact is the most significant part after a natural disaster?

My answer to Do you believe that the emotional impact is the most significant part after a natural disaster?

Answer by Desmond Last:

I have answered your question with an illustration of the emotions endured by a person who has been involved in a bush-fire. I have been in a bush-fire but not the one I have described. The story shows the significance of the emotional impact and its consequences.

It is the sheer disbelief that you in a developed world with all its systems, computers, Police, Military, Government had not been able to stop the wall of water, that engulfed your home or was unable to put out the bush-fire that sucked the air out of your lungs as you gasped for breath.

After all you had done all they asked of you. You had got yourself a job. You paid your taxes. You did not headbutt the Traffic Cop when he gave you a ticket.

You had placed your vote on the promise of good times to come.

You had bought your hybrid and the kids never stopped telling you about recycling.

Your world was all in order.

Then you gasped in silent horror , as you watched in the rear-view mirror the towering wall of flame cover the sky with its thick black choking smoke.

With little time to collapse in tears you drove through the total breakdown of Government you had trusted to keep your World together.

The Traffic Cops just kept waving you on. You were yelled at if you stopped. There were no directions. You looked at the fuel gauge it was almost empty. You saw a Cop pointing his gun at a man who wanted to go back to his home to get his belongings.

You sat down in the large Hall. The kids kept asking you why their mobiles did work.

You suddenly burst into tears. You could not stop crying. You felt absolutely and totally alone. Why? Why had it happened? Why were you not warned?

You had nothing it was all gone. Every symbol of your life every hour of your overtime. Just you and the kids.

Your husband was still out there. You had not seen him for a week. He was a fire-fighter.

Later at the Funeral you were told how brave he had been.

Later still as you said goodbye to the kids as they went off to the ball game you did not feel upset anymore, you did not feel let down, you did not even want to blame anybody.

You just put the barrel into your mouth. Now you could not feel the pain anymore.

Each and everyone of us is in someway going to be impacted by climate change or the disasters that will occur because of it. You said natural disasters – Climate Change is producing more disasters – or we can keep calling them natural disasters. The only way to deal with the emotional impact is be prepared – most are not.

Do you believe that the emotional impact is the most significant part after a natural disaster?

Author: Desmond Last

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