How is God turning his anger and wrath on the United States of America?

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My answer to How is God turning his anger and wrath on the United States of America?

Answer by Desmond Last:

God does not like a lack of respect. His whole philosophy is built on his foundation of respect. He has respected us. He has given the world and America everything they need to create their own Heaven on Earth.

He has respected mankind by leaving it alone. Now he is intervening. He has had enough of the greed, the hypocrisy, the corruption, the selfishness, the apathy, the laziness and the need for mankind to become greater than God.

He is not going to bless America whilst they support Evil.

Does America realise the sheer audacity of Obama’s visit to Hiroshima. Are you really that obsessed America with earning respect, not by endeavour but by military might, that you need 8000 nuclear weapons? When 1000 will do the same job.

All Obama had to do was say he was going to get rid of 100 extra nuclear weapons to make it a moment we would never forget. Why didn’t he? He has the power to destroy us all. Does Obama think he is God?

How could Obama stand there and talk about Peace when we all know that if he had to he would nuke Japan.

You America have decided that you are now God. You have the power to make mankind extinct. Yet you all go to your churches and pray to God for guidance and help, but he is not listening.

You have watched as for 8 years of Obama’s Presidency 16 million children died of disease and starving in Africa.

You have watched and listened to me for 8 years of that same Presidency as I have written and sang for the hopes of a better world and not lifted a finger to help me.

Little wonder then that America is not God’s favorite country.

Get real America do you really think God is going to continue to let Evil prosper?

Do you really think he is going to let mankind takes its filth and Evil to other peoples in the Universe ? Who do exist.

We have a job to do. That job is to get rid of Evil.

You are either with God or against him.

You know who the Evil are and you know where they are. The pathway to Heaven is not by being a collaborator or sitting and watching.

If you help Evil then it is Hell. I have seen Hell. It is all the pain you have ever had multiplied a hundred thousand times day after day – for an eternity.

Obama and Cameron and the Archbishop of Canterbury are not going to enjoy Hell.

How is God turning his anger and wrath on the United States of America?

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