Can a peaceful religion have enemies?

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My answer to Can a peaceful religion have enemies?

Answer by Desmond Last:

As I have found out you only have to breathe Peace within mankind and somebody somewhere is going to take a dislike to you.

I think God should take all the small-minded petty people and put them on another Planet. Why do people take themselves so seriously? Their life must be very self-absorbed and one of misery.

Yes a peaceful religion will have enemies – those who do not want Peace.

Mankind has a choice. It can fight for Peace or be defeated by Control.

Let us say that by religion you mean Philosophy. A way of putting theory to the way we live our lives. Those who want their form of Peace do not want a Peace they cannot control.

The Peaceful Philosophy would create a Society where each had an equal say in the way in which we governed our lives.

Should that Religion or Philosophy become popular it might begin to change the way people acted. They might want Peace by democratic right.

This would not sit well with those in our World who want a Peace they can control.

Believe me there are many apathetic people in this world who as long as their selfish reality bubbles were left alone would accept that.

They would accept being totally controlled as long as they could keep their little bubbles.

These people are afraid of the world and protect themselves with their bubbles.

They would never stand-up for anybody rights– the sort of people who would walk past an injured person lying on the Pavement.

Those who want Power through Control – the enemy of the Peace Philosophy, will use the same apathetic cowardly people to try and destroy the Peace Philosophy.

Of course when you make a pact with the Devil you also have to sell your soul, your tradition, your Pride and your history. The Devil will also want payment.

You will have your Peace but it will ordered, commanded and used against you.

If you do not do as you are told you will not be given your Peace.

Your Peace now belongs to them. They control you and your world.

They are out there now. Wrecking every Peace deal, exacerbating any conflict, taking control of people and their our money. Concentrating Power and buying loyalty.

They are the enemy of the Peace Philosophy. They want their 1000 year reign of Power.

They will destory anybody who gets in their way. Including the bubble people they own and control. They despise them because they are weak.

They will use nuclear and chemical weapons to achieve total control and domination just as they would have done in 1945.

Except they cannot control or kill those who fight for God. For God’s legions are all those who fight everyday for the respect of each other – God’s own philosophy.

So Yes. A Peaceful Philosophy does have its enemies. The same Poeple it sought to Protect, are those who try to destroy it, and in doing so destroy themselves.

Desmond Last

Can a peaceful religion have enemies?

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