What are the realistic effects on the UK if Trump becomes president? And will the EU referendum affect this?

My answer to What are the realistic effects on the UK if Trump becomes president? And will the EU referendum affect…

Answer by Desmond Last:

If Cameron remains Prime-Minster then as we have already seen, he will bend over for Trump, as he bends over for anybody who has a dollar they can spend in the U.K.

Cameron uses KY liberally and thinks he can slide out of anything. But Trump is like me – enemies are for life. He will not forget the comments made by Cameron, Khan and the censure by the UK Parliament.

If Boris Johnson somehow is made Prime-Minister Trump will be so busy laughing that foreign policy would have to wait until Boris was dumped. Which would not take long.

That is what the EU referendum has become – Boris v Cameron. Lies, and a distortion of facts are the feature of what is fast becoming a farce.

As the world has seen the people of the U.K do not act as a Nation. They care little for who owns them and who they bend over for. Which for Donald means that any investment in the U.K will get the red carpet and a new lapdog for Trump – Cameron.

Donald is a businessman man. He is also a ‘no bullshit man’. It will take more than a bow before the Queen and a couple of nights in Buckingham Palace to get him onside.

He will want to reduce America’s exposure to the Middle East and Africa, ,and expect the UK and Europe put their hands in their pockets for American military assistance.

He will expect the U.K to buy more from America and he will not doubt use that in any negotiations regarding any support the U.K needs in NATO.

USAID is going to be the big thing. The free ride is over he will say. He will expect the U.K to follow suit or go it alone.

He is going to pull USAID. I cannot see him wasting Mr and Mrs America money on governments who he knows are going to spend it on themselves and not the people.

This is what Trump and I are, I bet, joined at the Hip on…………………..

If Donald Trump and Mr and Mrs America want to build a Trump Tower or a home – they have to borrow and pay it. So from today Africa and the rest – that is what you are going have to do. If he has any sense he will use my ideas (with my consent) and not give them a cent. He will use his people to audit and pay all the bills. (Part of my development of the U.N)

Cameron is off his head to give them a single pound. I would not put one pound into their accounts.

He knows my ideas and they will suit his business attitude to Government.

He will say people with jobs buy America not Governments who have overseas bank accounts.

The U.K has become the whore of Europe. They do not care who owns them. They will do anything for their 30 pieces of silver. As long as they can afford their box home and reality bubble they are easily satisfied. I do not mean to demean the box. But they are willing to have the smallest boxes possible to live in so they can squeeze more EU’s in.

Trump will also get hard on Europe. The security within the EU is pathetic. You cannot have free movement and then not want terrorism. Free movement means terrorism. There are no ifs and buts. If you want to reduce crime and terrorism you check people at borders and their vehicles. If you do not then you should not be in Government.

It does affect America. There are x amount of people flying into America everyday from Europe – borders between EU countries filters out the worst of the terrorist and criminal.

In my opinion, and I bet Donald Trump’s, it borders on insanity and criminal negligence to allow free movement without border checks.

I can see Cameron’s cosy with China also getting the elbow from Trump. He will want the U.K to sort out the China exports to America through Europe.

Paris 21 he will pull out of or redo. $100 billion a year – to who? He will say.

The U.K has sold its soul – its manufacturing heart. Now it is second fiddle and dances to whoever has the checkbook.

Trump will walk all over Cameron or whoever takes his place.

Desmond Last

What are the realistic effects on the UK if Trump becomes president? And will the EU referendum affect this?

Author: Desmond Last

My name is Desmond Last. For the past 15~ years I have been writing and developing my own original new Ideas and Systems for a Better World. I am employed as a full-time Security Officer for the NSW Government at Liverpool Hospital Sydney. I also act as an Engineering Consultant to EarthCruiser Australia.

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