Has Donald Trump made any comments on Australia?

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My answer to Has Donald Trump made any comments on Australia?

Answer by Desmond Last:

Australia like the U.K. are in for a reality check. Donald Trump is not going to globe-trot so he can be an Obama – giving all the benefit of his words of wisdom and then leave everybody to pay for his strategy.

Trump will say it as it is. For Australia with an American Military presence and a Military strategy that is eye to eye with China and Indonesia, that may mean opening up their wallets. Which in Australia is a fast declining reserve.

Australia also has a matter of its support for Global Crime to answer to Donald Trump. Quite how they will do that I have no idea.

Australia has a criminal group in their country,who for whatever reason only known to them, they will not arrest. They have allowed this group to travel to all countries of the world , including America. Obama has put his own citizens lives at risk by not dealing with them………

But Donald Trump will want them stopped.

Australia also has to come to grips with Naval Policy and border control. I spent 23 years in Australia and am shortly to return to take on the Australian Government in both it a civil and crinal matters. What I do know is that drugs are a big problem for Australia.

The Criminal Group in Australia and located in the U.K are part of a massive drug and crime network. I can take a Yacht and sale her into Sydney Harbor pick-up or drop off drugs ansd sail out – I will not be stopped -I sold yachts and Powerboats from Sydney Boat Sales for 12 years.

Donald Trump is hard on drugs. Very very very painfully hard. Get ready for that one.We can expect the USN to be at the front on that one.

He will want Australia to get its act together and close the gaps.

5 submarines from France are not going to be an effective deterrent to anybody. Most of Australia defense confrontations will take place by air or by land,with the RAN providing support. Submarines are not able to provide that role.

I would have built more surface ships, and built them in Australia. I do not know who is in charge of Strategic Military Policy in Australia but he or they should be sacked.

America has plenty of subs and Australia could have signed a deal that would have benefited both count rises.

Australia is not a Global Power and is a long way from anywhere. She has decided to take a more potentially confrontational role with Indonesia and China which needs support – American support. Amazingly Australia has not put together a new economic forum which included North Korea.

Trump has already said he has no problem talking to North Korea and has also said it is time for America to look after its own backyard.

Australia had better be careful because if Trump goes to see Kim Jong Un he will come back with a big order book. Neither Kim Jong Un nor Trump have much time for Australia, because of their failure to deal with the Global Criminal Group in Australia, who also organised the abuse of my human rights – it may effect future trade.

The Australian media will also get the cold shoulder from Donald Trump.

Trump will want Australia to pull its weight with Global emissions. 87% of Australia energy comes from fossil fuels. Why should America cut whilst they do not?

Be careful Australia once you make an enemy of Donald Trump it is tattooed on your forehead.

~ The Australian dollar will lose parity which will affect imports. Pushing up prices and with little in sight for an increase in Australasian exports to the USA – it is not going to be happy days for the Australian economy. You can also bet on the ANZ, one of Australia four major banks, getting the cold shoulder from Donald Trump. Did the ANZ launder drug money for the Criminal Group?

Tread carefully Australia you need America and the World more than they need you.

Has Donald Trump made any comments on Australia?

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