Do you think Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton will be the next president of the US?

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My answer to Do you think Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton will be the next president of the US?

Answer by Desmond Last:

It will be up to Donald Trump to make that decision not Hillary Clinton.

If Donald Trump moves from rhetoric to detailed well-thought out Policy, Hillary Clinton does not stand a chance.

Donald Trump has the ball. The question is will he run with it?

Donald has had enough. I have had enough and even those who support Hillary Clinton have had enough.

How many more times are we to be told that we must face the challenges, prepare to address the issues, put our shoulders to the wheel, prepare for the hard times ahead so we can enjoy the good times, take the medicine for all the bad economic ills, and that there will be no more body bags.

Yet each new President, each new Prime Minster is no better and in many cases is worse than the previous. We are told the climate is getting worse. Then we are told it is not bad enough to have a mandatory agreement but it is bad enough to spend $100 billion a year – on ‘fantastically corrupt’ governments.

We are told it is the worst crisis that East Africa has ever had and millions will die. But the millions are still dying from the last crisis – yet we are told we still have to keep giving their governments money. Where has it all gone?

Hillary Clinton has no new ideas. No new methods of dealing with endemic corruption in developing countries and the United Nations.

It was the administration she was part of that paid $45,000,000 for a gas station in Afghanistan that should have cost $500,000 to build – and now they cannot find the money.

Hillary has done nothing about the abuse of my human rights – yet she tells America and the world that she is a champion of human rights.

Why would America trust Hillary Clinton? Here I am with ideas to make not only America but the world better and yet she continues to support the abuse of my rights.

I traveled to America. I rode across America on my Harley to deliver a poem for those who lost their lives in 911. I did not see Hillary Clinton in New York thanking me.

Hillary will not become President if Donald gets his act together.

Donald will soon have to address all of America. Not just the Republican Party. He is not stupid. He will soon outpace his advisers. He will want detailed policy but so far the Neanderthals who advise him have not been able to provide it.

If Hillary wakes up to a ‘New Dawn’ and brings out new Policy that puts the People of America back on the map, and Mr and Mrs America see a potential President looking at their backyard and not the rest of the worlds – then possibly.

But Hillary seems so set to be an Obama Clone. A man who went to Japan with some of his 8000 nuclear weapons pointed at it. Hypocrisy leads to a loss of creditably and allows corruption in order to maintain the administration.

Hillary has somehow got to move away from Obama. But without new policy I do not see how.

Donald has set his path. It is ‘take me or leave me’. All he has to do now is show how he intends to ‘make Mr and Mrs America No 1 again’.

Desmond Last

Do you think Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton will be the next president of the US?

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