What will it take for Republicans to stop denying man-made climate change?

My answer to What will it take for Republicans to stop denying man-made climate change?

Answer by Desmond Last:

Like most people who deny that Climate Change needs our attention now, it will take a bush-fire, flood or drought that empties their bank accounts.

So we do not have to long to wait.

But it will also need a logical verified explanation with a new system to cope with the changes required without affecting economic productivity.Something the Republicans have never had. Note. Economic Productivity is a sustainable approach to Economic Growth.

We also have to look at modern political History. Democrats pay for Jobs whilst Republicans earn them.

The problem would appear to be not that they deny the climate is becoming more unpredictable, but that we cannot do anything about making it a climate we are able to mange and engineer and provide the Republicans with Job Guarantees.

If America reduces Greenhouse by x and loses 20,000 jobs is China going to do the same?

I can convince any Republican that Climate Change is man-made, provided I can also assure him America will not lose out – that has been a major factor in the Republican mindset.

The other is this. We have been able to engineer a climate that has the ability to destroy mankind. Therefore we should be able to engineer a climate that is able to be ‘ the best climate for the survival and prosperity of mankind, creatures great and small and the Planet itself.

This is an important point and one that very much needs to be developed.

Can we engineer a climate that we can control? Can we control the climate to the extent that a desert will receive annual rain. Can we create inland lakes where there is only drought? Can we have snow without bringing North America to a halt. Can we change the earth’s pressure relief valve system of volcanoes and earthquakes by controlling the parameters of the pressure equation?

Perhaps if I had not been stopped by Obama and Cameron from developing my Climate Change Systems , we might have been able to answer the questions I have just asked.

It is that question that the Republicans have never asked and have never considered. Therefore, the only option they have is to wonder if the money being spent on Climate Change is being used to for the right reasons.

I do not blame anybody for doubting Climate Change is man-made. Obama has been President for 8 years. It is only at the end of those 8 years has he agreed to a Paris 21 that is not even worth the Paper it was signed on.

It does not start till 2020. Its first report back is not till 2025. It does not reduce greenhouse to a level that they say is required in order for mankind to survive till 2050. It is not mandatory and it hands our $100 billion a year to ‘fantastically corrupt’ Governments.

Surely the Republicans must be questioning an agreement that is not mandatory but provides $100 billion a year. It is not as if we can rely on China to be climate-change neutral. If it was a business deal you would laugh it out of Congress.

The Republicans have had to listen to a whole range of arguments .There has not been one set of verified and secure set of numbers,,and one person(s) to explain those figures to the Republicans. The Republicans on the other hand have spent too much time denying and not enough looking and listening – and ignored my ideas.

Some Greens have set them offside by making unreasonable economic demands. Some skeptics are only against admitting Climate Change is man-made, because they are paid to or because it suits their bottom line.

The Republican will listen to reason and logic and that has been missing in the Climate Change debate. I think when the reality of Paris 21 sinks in they will want to know ‘Why, if Climate Change needs an agreement worth $100 billion a year, is that agreement not mandatory?

Looks like it will be up to Donald Trump to find out why.

Desmond Last

What will it take for Republicans to stop denying man-made climate change?

Author: Desmond Last

My name is Desmond Last. For the past 15~ years I have been writing and developing my own original new Ideas and Systems for a Better World. I am employed as a full-time Security Officer for the NSW Government at Liverpool Hospital Sydney. I also act as an Engineering Consultant to EarthCruiser Australia.

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