What animal is the most peaceful unless provoked?

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My answer to What animal is the most peaceful unless provoked?

Answer by Desmond Last:

I have illustrated this question with a Tiger to Tiger Conversation and then given it a specific answer.

Tiger 1. Here we go. It must be another of them Bank Holidays. Better do the hair and put on the ‘do not mess with me look’

Tiger 2. Don’t you just hate them? They all come to gawk at us and then want us for carpets. Here did you see that whats her name actress – I could swear that that was Uncle Bill she was wearing. Recognized the markings.

Tiger 1. They are useless, aren't they? Give them a Planet and the brain to enjoy it and what do they do? Make 15,000 nuclear warheads so they can destroy it.

Tiger 2. Had to laugh at that Obama on the telly. There he is giving it the old comfort shoulder to that poor bastard that survived Hiroshima, and in his briefcase he’s got the codes for the nuclear warheads aimed at guess where ? Japan.

Tiger 1. Don’t worry about him -look at his gift to America – Donald Trump.

Tiger 1. Obama’s in for a hard time. Apparently the Golden Eagles have got the shits because of what he has done to Desmond Last, and the rattlesnakes too.

Tiger 2. Mate us creatures great and small will never forgive Obama or Cameron. Desmond wanted a Bill of Rights for all of us and a Planet with no zoos. Zoos are for care and concern only. No hunting either.

Tiger 1. Talking of zoos. I have had enough of being trapped in here. Let’s go and give Desmond a hand. We got a game plan and it starts with the Thames Valley Police. The Spiders and Giant swamp rats are in as well.

Tiger 2. Yeh. Give it to them. They have done nothing stop the vermin almost blinding Desmond.

Tiger 1. The vermin are toast.

So that is it. The most dangerous creature great and small is one very angry tiger and his mates. They know I wanted to make the world a better one and was stopped by the Global Criminal Vermin, Obama Cameron the U.K and the Thames Valley Police.

We have provoked creatures great and small. Not only have we destroyed so many. for no reason other than selfish pleasure, we are now poisoning them and their world.

We have removed their feeding areas, given them drought, floods and bush-fires.

The Tigers we have almost made extinct. Yet still we allow them to be hunted. Laws do not stop illegal hunting – guns do.

They will become more aggressive towards us as their natural habitat is destroyed. The Tiger and the Shark probably the most aggressive of all.

They have every right to be free. We are all God’s creatures. How can we understand freedom when we cage Tigers and other creature great and small in a zoo?

Desmond Last

What animal is the most peaceful unless provoked?

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