How do I find out if my Menlo Park, CA apartment building is earthquake safe?

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My answer to How do I find out if my Menlo Park, CA apartment building is earthquake safe?

Answer by Desmond Last:

You cannot. It is impossible to predict with the current methods we have the exact location and size of an earthquake on x day at x time.

You can find out if locally it was required to comply with local building regulations which specify a minimum structure strength – but you asked a slightly different question.

You asked is it ‘earthquake safe’ not if not complied with any building codes which included a minimum standard for withstanding known earthquake shocks.

If you are on a fault-line then consider moving. Because earthquakes are going to become more frequent and with more force.

We can however make sure that the 15,000~ nuclear weapons are earthquake safe. Are they? Ask Obama and Putin. They will have to say they do not know . They do not know where they all are.

Ask Obama. He is the one who spend $650 billion on a Military that sits in its barracks whilst America is suffering earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, bush-fires and drought. Instead he should have trained the Military to prepare for Climate Change.

Ask Donald Trump who spend more time on his imaginary wall to keep Mexicans out then addressing the problems of Climate Change.

Ask Hillary Clinton who has ignored every idea I have to deal with exactly the question you asked including those that could have answered your question for 8 years.

Unfortunately the changes we are making changes to our Planet’s pressure systems are causing earthquakes to be more frequent and with more force.

These are not just producing changes above ground but also below ground. We are changing the heat differential between the temperature produced by the earths’s core, the heat absorption of displaced water and in some cases oil and the heat differential between the earth's structure and the air surrounding it.

We are also localizing heat hotspots with large urban areas and the effect of our lower atmosphere to dissipate heat – as the greenhouse gases trap heat.

Letting of nuclear weapons underground has not helped. It has also not helped that we do not know where all the nuclear weapons are – which can be used to trigger off an earthquake Which is why I keep warning the the Military that climate change is a potential Trojan Horse – but they continue to ignore my warnings.

So in summary It is not possible to design an above ground structure that will withstand any earthquake. We do not know how much more pressure we will create by continuing to use systems that increase global heat. We are reducing the ability of that heat to be absorbed at a rate which does not produce pressure increases which we can no longer calculate.

But according to Obama if you make to to 2050 – his greenhouse gas reduction target date – you will be safe!!

Do you believe Obama?

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How do I find out if my Menlo Park, CA apartment building is earthquake safe?

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