Why do some Trump protesters have Mexican flags?

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My answer to Why do some Trump protesters have Mexican flags?

Answer by Desmond Last:

Because Trump, who is going down in my estimation faster than the U.K’s export market, seems to think if he builds a wall between Mexico and the U.S it will stop illegal immigration and drug/crime . Forgetting of course that even the Berlin wall came down. He blames the Mexican people, rather than the system he is part of. Yet what does he expect them to do?

Why do Mexicans want to come to America? Because the Americans want them.

Why else? They want them for domestic cleaning, they want then for the black economy. They want them for the farms, they want them to build Trump Tower. They want them for prostitution and child sexual exploitation. They want them for all the low-skill jobs that somebody has to do to support all the people of America. Who are then able to up-skill or sit on their TV sofas eating their Big Macs, listening to yet another TV God or Goddess spout rubbish.

Donald Trump needs some serious Policy advisers. What dinosaurs are advising him?

How is he going to build a wall and then pay to have its whole length under guard 24/7. Come on Donald get with the reality bubble. Mexico will never pay for it to be built.

Nobody is disagreeing that illegal immigration has to stop. Mexico has its own Government. If it is not providing the minimum standard of living that Mexicans should accept then they shoiuld use the law or the electoral system to get rid of them.

A lot of Mexicans buy USA made goods. Particularly cars. I wonder how many jobs the USA will lose if Mexico boycotts the USA.

I have been to New Mexico and Mexico through Laredo. I came up with an economic plan or the border and Laredo. My philosophy would be to ensure Mexicans did not need to come to the US illegally to work because there was plenty in Mexico. Then they could buy even more US Goods.

Wake-up Donald somebody is giving you bad advice.

You cannot run one half of a country agreeing with you and the other half rioting. I support the need for change. But not the need for ideas that are now worn out rhetoric and need to be replaced by detailed Policy.

Is Donald Trump yet another Political Dinosaur no different from Hillary Clinton ? It is beginning to look like that – he too after all is ignoring my human rights.


Why do some Trump protesters have Mexican flags?

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