Why is gay marriage still not recognized in Australia?

My answer to Why is gay marriage still not recognized in Australia?

Answer by Desmond Last:

When you are in Australia you have to be a ‘real bloke’ and make sure that when you go out the only time you have a conversation with a woman is after having sex to make sure she is still awake.

Australian women on the other hand spend most of their time trying to be like blokes and the only time they have a conversation with men is to tell them to hurry up and get off them when having sex.

This is because the Australian male only has sex on a Friday night when he is drunk.

Australian men do not like gay men because they do not walk as if they have a barrel between their legs and just got off a horse. In Australia you are not a man unless you walks as if your are on board a boat.

Australian women do not like gay men because Australian women wear clothes as if they do not have mirrors and are colour blind while gays dress with style and flair.

Both Australian men and women do not like gays going out clubbing and not wanting to beat each other to death as part of the male macho proving routine whislt the women's scream profanities of encouragement.

The Australian culture is still very much traditional male.

But politically the Australian politician who make policy by talk-back radio will not regulate gay marriage because talk-back radio is against it.

Whilst the truth is most of us do not give a toss and would welcome it.


Why is gay marriage still not recognized in Australia?

Author: Desmond Last

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