What is the Universal Declaration of Human Rights?

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My answer to What is the Universal Declaration of Human Rights?

Answer by Desmond Last:

It is a legally binding document that I will one day use, to ensure the resignation and criminal prosecution of the Government of the United Kingdom and Australia, and if he is still President ,the subpoena of Barack Obama to a Grand Jury.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights has a long history. As far back as 1795 when Immanuel Kent produced his Philosophical Essay ‘The Perpetual Peace’ men of thought and great mind have sought to produce a Peace to our World , and with that Peace a protection of the rights of man and woman.

Woodrow Wilson the US President in 1918 championed his League of Nation's at the end of the First World War and after the second world war, its replacement the United Nations in 1948 produced the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

There is nothing in the Declaration that cannot be found in spirit, though perhaps not in exact replication, in the Bible and Quran.

We should not need to protect that which with respect of each other we should do as a matter of our daily lives.

But such is the stupidity and greed of those who seek power through aggression and control our Documented rights are a necessary fact in our world.

I have been subjected to gross abuse of my Human Rights for the last 8 years of my life.

I will be using the Declaration, its National counterparts and National Laws to bring to Justice those in Governments who have allowed the disgusting and at times very painful treatment I have been subjected to – and still am.

Does it work. No. But it will. Despite the fact there are hundreds and thousands of human rights lawyers ( I have no idea what they do everyday) and Amal Clooney, it may as well not exist. I will go through each one of its previsions and explain how it applies to me as an individual and answer your question at the same time.

Each country has produced its own version in the U.K it is the 1998 Human Rights Act. The EU too has its own Human Rights Act.

The Declaration begins by recognizing that dignity is inherent – it cannot be taken away. It also states that the rights of freedom, justice and peace are rights that we must have and they too are non-negotiable -unless of course you are me, the starving in Africa, or any one of the 50 million refugees in the world.

I will not write out all of the Declaration just the first part of each Article.

Article 1. All human beings are born equal……….. – which is why the United Nations and the Security Council are in breach of law by allowing the abuse of my Human Rights and the rights of all others who are not able to access democracy and the law. We have a Security Council. It is required by agreement and International Law to bring Peace to the World and ensure my human rights are not abused and the rights of all those in conflicts. It does neither.

Article 2. Everyone is entitled to all the rights and freedoms…….. What is does not say is does not say except for dying child of malnutrition in Africa or Desmond Last.

It also states no matter what country etc. So every-time Obama jets off to Africa and shakes the hand of yet another fantastically corrupt Government he is in effect breaking the law. He also came to the UK and Australia and ignored my human rights abuse.

Article 3. Everyone has the right to life – Which means we do not let 300,000 Syrians die, and 3000~ drown in the Mediterranean – but we did and do. It also means that Cameron and Obama should knowingly let attempts on my life occur.

Article 4. No one should be held in slavery……Which means the EU should at every border use the legal opportunity to check if woman are not being trafficked across Europe. But they do not.

Article 5. No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel inhumane or degrading treatment or punishment. This is exactly what I have been subjected to 24/7 everyday for 8 years~ Why? Will somebody ask Hillary Clinton why she allows it.

Article 6. Everyone has the rights of recognition before the Law – even the Homeless and me.

Article 7. All are equal before the Law. So when a Trans Gender is abused then she has the rights just the same as if Mr Texas was abused to use the law to rectify the situation. As I have and will be demonstrate when one day I walk into the House of Commons or into the Cabinet room of 10 Downing Street and with the law and Police insist the Government of the United Kingdom resign prior to facing criminal charges for its part in the abuse of my human rights and for allowing a known group of criminals to abuse and carry out illegal medical experimentation on babies and children and other murderous crimes.

Article 9. No one shall be subjected to arbitrary arrest…….Which means that you do not Starr a black just because you are a member of the Klu Klux Klan.

Article 10. Everyone is entitled equally to a fair public trial……….which means you do not accuse people of crimes unless you have the evidence and they are able to defend themselves.

Article 10. You are entitled to a fair trial …………in every country of the world.

Article 11. You are innocent until proven guilty.

Article 12. You are entitled to privacy……..For 8 years~ I have had none. That also means no stalking

Article 13. Everyone has the right to freedom of movement. For 8 years~ I have had none.

Article 14. Everyone has the right to seek asylum………not to be herded like sheep into dust-bowl refugee camps and Turkey – who yesterday Cameron said because of human rights abuses are light-years from joining the EU. Bet Turkey luved that. I cannot seek asylum because every country is a participant in the abuse of my human rights.

Article 15. Everyone has the right to a nationality. But it should not be a nationality forced onto others. It also means the UK and Australian Government have denied me the rights of my nationality.

Article 16. Men and women have the right to marry and have a family. What it does not say is that children need an equality of parenthood and it should.

Article 17. Everyone has the right not to be arbitrarily deprived of his property. Including 50 million displaced refugees and me by the illegal eviction of myself from my properties in Australia by the ANZ bank ansdthe Australian Government.

Article 18. Everyone has the right to freedom of thought conscience and religion….. which means you cannot use any technology to communicate with a persona mind. It also means you cannot stop me developing my ideas – as a NHS UK Doctor in Bicester tried to as have Obama, Cameron, Corbyn, the Archbishop of Canterbury. the UK Media, the Royal Family the UN, Turnbull the Roman Catholic Church and Hillary Clinton. For 8 years I have never met a Journalist or a Gov or Church leader to discuss or develop any of my ideas. Yet everyday on Quroa 1200 people (which I have only been on for one month ) and rising find them interesting and worthy of note. Everyday on Facebook my comments are shared around the world.

Article 19. Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression. Why is mine denied by Hollande who marched for the rights of Charlie? Who marches for the right of the gr8 Prophet Muhammad not to be insulted – I do.

Article 20. Everyone has the right to freedom of Peaceful assembly …..including outside every UK and Australian Embassy in the world in defense of my Human Rights. For to defend my human rights is to defend all human rights.

Article 21. Everyone has the right to take part in Government……even me Mr Cameron who you ask to vote for you then allow the worst abuse of human rights in the history of the United Kingdom.

Article 22. Everyone has the right to be a member of society. Including 50 million Global refugees and me.

Article 23. Everyone has the right to work…….not be the victims of an EU and IMF that tread them into serfdom by the con of open borders and Free Trade agreements. I also have been denied by Obama Cameron and Hillary Clinton the right to use my skills as a writer to work and to profit from my work all stolen and copied.

Article 24. Everyone has a right to rest and leisure. Except for Presidents who only have 8 years to change the world and should not be going off to Hawaii mid-winter while their citizens sleep on Park benches. Or have exceedingly good sex in White House broom cupboards. Perhaps Hillary should have read the Kama Sutra.

Article 25. Everyone has the right to a standard of living……….You do not give money to corrupt Governments so they can live the high life and their citizens live in abject poverty.

Article 26. Everyone has the right to an education……but not the right to die of hunger thirst and poverty, disease and war, crime and corruption.

Article 27. Everyone has the right to copyright and to participate in society……My work has been stolen and copied. Cameron Clinton and Obama know by whom. Cameron, Obama and Hillary Clinton know by whom. Why do they allow it to continue?

Article 28. Everyone is entitled to the protection of the State………………….You cannot be stateless. You cannot be kept in a refugee camp out of your country for decades because the Governments of the World will not bring Peace.

Article 29. The law will be used to protect you and enforce these rights in your criminal justice system………………words to that effect.

Article 30.

Even if you wanted the rights set out in the Declaration of Human Rights cannot be removed.

Which is why the UK and Australian Governments and others including the EU and U.N are Guilty of abusing my Human Rights.

I have outlined the Declaration and answered the question by applying it to myself and 50 million displaced refugees.

We the People of the World must be the Guardians of our Human Rights. We must guard them as if they were given to us by God. Which of course they were.

What is the Universal Declaration of Human Rights?

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