Who is Jeremy Corbyn? Is he a good guy?

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My answer to Who is Jeremy Corbyn? Is he a good guy?

Answer by Desmond Last:

Jeremy Corbyn is not a bad man (apart from the fact he allows the human rights abuse I endure in the U.K) but he is lost in the economic wilderness.

He is the elected leader of the UK Labour Party – elected because the other leadership contenders were Ed Miliband clones or Blair lookalikes. In that respect he at least knows there has to be a better way.

He is still trying to find his way in a de-industrialized Britain without Karl Marx to hold his hand. He appeals to young people who want a fairer world to which he is the only alternative – I of course do not exist.

He also is rude and dismissive to the Press who we rely on for information about his policies

Jeremy Corbyn is at the moment the only alternative to a Conservative Party that has no new ideas and no money. All Osborne can do is switch money from one Government Department to another.

He spent 30 years in the wilderness of the backbenches and now like Moses has decided to lead his flock of grass roots perfect speak Liberals (who vote Labour) into the nirvana, where the money is endless and the world is never at war.

His economic policy has received the most attention of all his polices – that an nuclear weapons. My position on nuclear weapons is that they all have to go.

But not until we know where they all are. However we do not need so many. We should be using the 140 war-heads we have in nuclear weapons reduction talks. Remember those Obama?

Karl Marx was a revolutionary first and an economist second. His theory is a critique as well as a system . But it comes from a time when Karl Marx was in the Paris Commune and the Berlin revolutionary movement. He wanted to change not just Germany and France, but the whole world.

What Corbyn is suggesting is a control of production through the ownership of Primary Industries and a huge Public Spending program to stimulate demand.

It has all been done before. We also do not own those industries who will benefit from the capital expenditure so the nett effect will flow to foreign capital.

The U.K economic system is not the ideal of Productive effort.

There are 70 million people in the U.K yet only 31 million are in work. Of that 31 million only 3 million produce for the EU and the rest are made up of Government Organisations, Government support Organisation and presumably the 3 million ~that produce for the rest of the world. The reminder are in service and secondary production. We do not make cars we assemble them.

The U.K lives a 5 star life-style on 3 star earnings. Corbyn does not even come close to knowing how to re-organise the U.K economy let alone produce an Industrial strategy to match that of our World Competitors.

Public ownership in the U.k is only for the bloated Czars of the Trade Unions who compete for intelligence when it comes to Industrial Strategy. I am not anti-Union I have been a Shop Steward and was on the Miner’s Picket Lines – but I do not like Unions who by-pass democracy and abuse my human rights.

The U.K’s Public Borrowing is at £1.6 Trillion and growing at the rate of £5200/second. Yet he does not seem to understand that globally the credit is drying up. We are in a new phase of economics. We are about to see the effect of massive military spending and lost production due to conflicts and the increase cost of Climate Change. It is not going to be pleasant.

Whilst my own new economic theory recognizes the production value of the person as does Karl Marx, I take the surplus value one step further. I redirect it back into the same system that produces it. As nobody seems particularly interested in discussing my new ideas I will not elaborate.

The point I am trying to make that Corbyn economic alternative policy to Osborne that has gone past its use by date.

Jeremy Corbyn needs a lot more than some outdated and inappropriate reference to Karl Marx and a dependency on Keynes Public Priming to save the UK’s economy.

That is my opinion, and his no doubt not shared by his faithful ,who like Cameron flock to him to keep the people of the UK outside of their protective bubble.


Who is Jeremy Corbyn? Is he a good guy?

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