What is byron bay like to live in?

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Answer by Desmond Last:

I am able to answer this question because I own a home their – which the Australian Government has rented out on my behalf until I go back to Australia to prove in Court who I am. Then I can have it back (Alice in Wonderland).

My home is in Suffolk Park about 5 minutes walk from a lovely long sandy beach from which you can see the lighthouse of Byron bay.

Suffolk Park is a on-the-edge of Byron Bay suburb.

Byron Bay is the most easterly point of Australia. It has a very temperate climate and is surrounded by long rolling hills. It is only an hours drive from Gold Coast Airport or 10 hours drive to Sydney.

Byron Bay itself is a holiday town in summer and a laid-back community the rest of teh time. In summer it is sometimes overwhelmed by visitors and backpackers.

Work is agricultural, holiday work and specialist business.

It has great surf so it is a favorite of the young – so it gets rowdy.

Plenty of shops, some are just for tourists – gifts ere. Rents are high and so too are house prices. The hills behind and the local rainforest make it a very nice place to live

It has a thriving hippy community both old and young with a ‘Green’ perspective on development.

I bought a home there to have somewhere to write but my circumstances do not at the moment allow that. Read ANZ Illegally evicted me


What is byron bay like to live in?

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