Why do boats have name on the front?

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My answer to Why do boats have name on the front?

Answer by Desmond Last:

It is a legal requirement in many countries to require the registration number of the boat to be seen from both the Port (left to shore) and starboard side (right side when facing forward) so many owners will make the registration number less obvious by putting the name of boat on top of the number.

I do not know if the name being on the side is a legal requirement for ships. I only dealt with Yachts and Powerboats new used at my business Sydney Boat Sales which I owned and operated successfully for 12 years until a group of sick and cowardly criminals mostly from the U.K (who have the protection of the UKGOV ) stopped people using my business.

I am still looking for them and so are the Taliban, ISIS, Al Queada, Boko Haram, Al Shabab, and the Mafia.

This may be of interest it is one of the video news letters I used to produce. I love all boats except Cranchi – I would rather swim across the Atlantic then own one.



Why do boats have name on the front?

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