What are some good films explaining British politics well?

My answer to What are some good films explaining British politics well?

Answer by Desmond Last:

As the politics of the U.K are of an Establishment constantly at covert war with its people and its history I have chosen 3 films.

The first is of Lloyd George. He was Britain's first post-Victorian to take on the Establishment and the landed gentry, who today still exist as a group of people in the Hosed of Lords. In that respect nothing has changed.

He championed Welfare reform and ensured that in World War One the troops on the front had not only the means of winning the war but also no profiteering took place in the United Kingdom.

Unlike today’s Politician – although Donald Trump has broken the mold – he went to the people. The closest Cameron or Corbyn come to the people is when they are diverted past them.

He stuck to his guns and even when he was no longer Prime-Minster he used his own resources to produce policies for the Country. I like him. He was dedicated, he gave his life to the country and Public Duty. He took the country out a war that may have eventuality sent it insolvent in both men and money. He was also instrumental in the formation of the State of Israel. The film is David Lloyd George: A biography by Dr Alan Brown and can be found on You Tube.

The second film is called Scandal (1989) Director Michael Caton-Jones. It is of a post-war Britain with an Establishment now under siege from an inquiring people and Press. No longer could Government command instant respect and the first whiffs of endemic corruption were creeping into the British Political system. The Cold war was at its height and the sun was setting on the British Empire.

The third film has it all. The Queen (2006) Director Stephen Frears. The Queen 2006. The Monarchy is confused and has lost popularity. The Government is now governed by Spin and Glam. Nobody who is they are they have all become who they want to be. The relationship between Government and its people is no longer maintained with mutual respect but bought with election promises it cannot deliver.

The tragedy of Princess Diane illustrate how fragile the Monarchy has become. The Queen’s confusion when she has to react to public sentiment demonstrates how little she knows of her people.

We are all now part of the last film in the dying last breath of a Nation once the envy of the World now about to be consigned to the dustbin of history – and all of its own making .

Never in the history of the world has whole country so conspired to destroy one of its own citizens. We watch in almost horrific disbelief the lengths the UK will go to – in order to do so.


What are some good films explaining British politics well?

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