Should we care about changes in phenology dates caused by global warming?

My answer to Should we care about changes in phenology dates caused by global warming?

Answer by Desmond Last:

Obviously all the people who care about the World (as the UK Media & Mary Nightingale of ITV never report me they obviously do not) are on Quora. A very good question.

The questions on Quora and the sharing of answers are so important if we the People are to all take an active part in saving not only our World ,but Mankind. The more climate change skeptics the better as it enables me and others to show by fact and reason how wrong they are.

But to your question. We need quantifiable verified data from all over the world real-time. We should be coordinating that data to produce a historic picture of climate change and a model of our world. We should not be relying on the committees and random collection of information by those involved in the Paris 21 Climate Change agreement.

We have to begin to question why Paris 21 was a ‘done deal’ without any reference to the 7 billion people whose lives will be affected by it. Paris 21 must be halted by Court Injunction until we the People decide how to save our Planet and Mankind.

Penology is crucial if we are to prioritize the solution's to the still accelerating rate of change of our Climate.

Penology dating will answer questions.

We should also be carrying out Autopsy on any creature gr8 and small found dead who has not been killed. They are organically closer to the environmental pollution then we are and have digestive systems which react immediately to chemical poisoning.

Which chemicals have the most effect on tree/plant growth? Over what period and how was future growth affected by the chemicals producing a disease?

What is the result of urban heat-soak on the local climate and tree growth and leaf spread and plant reproduction and over what time-scale?

How is oxygen regeneration affected by the 4000 chemical in our Air and the increase in global temperatures. When has it got worse and how/why?

We are seeing more and more dead trees. We need a Global Study with correlated results to study the effect of Global Air movements and the change of direction and pressure in those movements and when it became worse.

How has acid rain ie nitrc acid affected tree growth. Have trees become more flammable as they become ‘soaked’ with chemicals.

Where what and how produces the most rapid growth? A very important question if we are to replant.

In summary much more important than the Climate Change snails Obama Cameron and John Kerry have shown us by forcing Paris 21 on all of us.

Should we care about changes in phenology dates caused by global warming?

Author: Desmond Last

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