Who and how can profit from the “lie” of global warming?

My answer to Who and how can profit from the "lie" of global warming?

Answer by Desmond Last:

I take it from your question that these are People who know that our Climate is becoming increasingly more unpredictable and is causing disasters that will destroy lives, take lives, destroy businesses, livelihoods, whole communities cities and possibly complete countries.

You said ‘lie’ so you are saying that somehow they will gain from the destruction and loss of life that will occur unless we combat climate change now.

Not wait till 2025 when the first report back back for Paris 21 and $500 billion later is required.- Paris 21 allocates $100 billion a year to Climate Change Projects from 2020 – this would appear to be in addition to the Green Climate fund .

Thank-you very much – says Afghanistan and Nigeria – David Cameron’s fantastically corrupt countries and no doubt every other form of corruption.

We never learn do we. It is as if for Cameron Obama and John Kerry all governments are totally honest and would never abuse the human rights of one writer in front of the whole world.

So, we both agree that this group of people want the world to become human disaster zone.

Why? So they can profit from supplying food and water.

So they can gain control and Power. Rubbish says Cameron. Fanciful imagination states Obama. Yet in 1939 that is what one man did, with others.

I have continually warned the Military that climate change would be an ideal Trojan Horse for an aggressive well-prepared force with nuclear and chemical weapons to take control of communities and or countries. The already raised pressure systems caused by climate change could be used with nuclear weapons and chemical weapons to control a whole country or region.

Do we know where all the world chemical and nuclear weapons are? No we do not.

The military will be needed to deal with Climate Change and to use force to stop those who will seek to profit from it by the use of a highly trained armed force

Are they prepared and are they discussing this with me? No.

Ask Nicholas Carter of the British Army and Dempsey of the American Military why not.


Who and how can profit from the "lie" of global warming?

Author: Desmond Last

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