USA spends more than the rest of the world combined on arms. Is that a friendly and peaceful signal?

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My answer to USA spends more than the rest of the world combined on arms. Is that a friendly and peaceful signal?

Answer by Desmond Last:

Yes if you are on their side no if you are not. Recently I was criticized for supporting Donald Trump. But yesterday he vindicated my support by stating ‘I would have no problem talking to him’ referring to Kim Jung Un.

Obama has been President and only just found Cuba is near America. Why has he never got on a Plane to visit N.Korea? Obama wants the best of all worlds but you cannot get that by sitting in the Oval Office watching Rome burn .

I can only think his advisers (who should spend the rest of their lives in Guantanamo Bay) told him China did not want another major Economic competitor on their doorstep.

We should be very wary of those who are advising the President of America – their interests may not coincide with those of us who want World Peace.

I, despite the circumstances of my four visits, liked America and the Americans. I rode across America on my Harley to deliver a Poem commemorating 911 to the Fireman next door to Ground Zero.

We all criticize America but we have all benefited in some way from its Post-war role as the World’s Policeman. Of its strategy and vested interest there can be no doubt.

But of its enthusiasm to be involved in the world and for its Marines to be prepared to die for an for an Ideal there can be no doubt.

Yet it has been let down by its preoccupation with a culture that has to make a buck out of everything and to own that everything,

To ISIS America is Satan, all the worlds misery must be allocated to America’s role in the world. Yet if I walked up to ISIS and said here you are are this is now yours an Islamic State now what are you going to do about Climate Change- they would have to work with America. The point is we somehow have to remove the reasons for terrorism. We will never remove the terrorists.

Because ISIS, Al Queda Al Shabab and Boko Haram are outside of the World and its problems they are not faced with any that America has to deal with.

But it is not the Americans themselves – their Government. Somehow USA Foreign Policy seems to be caught in a time warp. It is as we relive Vietnam every 5–10 years. Now it is Libya – America is about to pour millions into another desert mirage. ISIS and Al -Qaeda will have to open yet another bank account to siphon off the funds and Ayman Al- Zawahiri will be doing a nice line in used Humvees.

I have a proposal for a new System to bring World Peace – you ask Obama Cameron and the BBC & ITV why I am not reported and my human rights are abused.

America has been the cause of so many of the decision that cause the conflicts that exist in the Middle East. By intent or by mistaken foreign policy?

America must move on from the dinosaur foreign Policy of Vietnam I do not know who advises in the White House but they need to go.

USA spends more than the rest of the world combined on arms. Is that a friendly and peaceful signal?

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