Is it common to massacre stray dogs after earthquake?

My answer to Is it common to massacre stray dogs after earthquake?

Answer by Desmond Last:

I do not know how many are put down after any natural or man-made disaster but it would have to be a response if disease and food forging are to be dealt with.

But let us also ask the question that arises from your’s.

Will troops and Police take the side of Government or the People as Climate Change gets worse?

The Philippines Police used force and fired on farmers protesting the lack of food and water last month.

Hungary fired rubber bullets at refugees with children.

Refugees are treated as Cattle by the West and sent to Turkey.

In Australia if your house is burning in a Bush Fire the Police will arrest you if try and save it and your belongings.

Last year there was a massive Civil Defense Exercise in the Southern States of the USA involving Troops and Police – why?

How ready are governments nuclear bunkers which can also be used when climate change gets worse?

Do you trust your local Police not to shoot you when you and your family do not have any food due to drought or floods and the Government does?

We are being hung out to dry by the likes of John Kerry, Obama, Cameron and the United Nations Secretary General and the World Health Organisation. They have compromised our security and future to protect their own positions.

Instead of giving us hard facts abbot climate Change they have fudged the response in order to keep ‘money’ happy.

Do not believe a single world that comes out of Obama’s John Kerry’s Cameron’s or the UN Secretary Generals mouth – for 8 year they have stopped me telling the Wo

rld about my new ideas for World Peace and for dealing with Climate Change- Why?

Is it common to massacre stray dogs after earthquake?

Author: Desmond Last

My name is Desmond Last. For the past 15~ years I have been writing and developing my own original new Ideas and Systems for a Better World. I am employed as a full-time Security Officer for the NSW Government at Liverpool Hospital Sydney. I also act as an Engineering Consultant to EarthCruiser Australia.

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