What is the latest detail stumbling block with regard to reaching an agreement on the Syrian Peace Talk?

My answer to What is the latest detail stumbling block with regard to reaching an agreement on the Syrian Peace Tal…

Answer by Desmond Last:

John Kerry. He is the biggest stumbling block – a mountain of short-sightedness and unbelievably rigid adherence to a system of democracy that cannot possibly exist in Syria.

He is expecting the people of Syria who have seen bodies twisted, bloodied, torn apart, guts hanging out, screaming in pain – bodies of their children, sons, daughters, father mothers to welcome as Government, the same murdering bastards that have destroyed their lives and country.

Is he insane? Is he actually going to say to the people of Syrian welcome to the Assad Time-Machine. Now who are going to be the next 300,000 Syrians to die. Has he ever read the Constitution of the United States – We the People ……..establish Justice…………………………………………………………

Where is the Justice for all those whose lives have been destroyed by a Security Council of which John Kerry is a member? So weak and internally decisive to take the action International Law demands of it.

Are we the World to sit back and watch the Human Misery continue. To blind our eyes to Assad’s retribution. To still our voices as the Rebels, some who are nothing but thugs use their arms to continue crime.

Have we forgotten the starving Syrians who the Rebels would not be allow to be fed by the halted AID convoys. Who took bribe money to let them through.

I say we should not give any seats at any Peace Talks to either the Rebels or Assad. Who voted them in – not the people they so murdered to represent. Just because you can hold a gun does not give you a right to represent the people.

As for Russia they too must stop using Syria to make-up for a lack of an Industrial Strategy for a struggling economy. It is not as if we are all queuing up to buy the latest Russian Fashion wear, computer,car or Truck. Putin has a people who want work . He is mistaken if he thinks the World is going to rebuild Syria so Russian can line its pockets. The insurgency will continue and the World will not invest in Iraq Mk 3. ISIS will start all over again.

What is Putin's problem? A World at peace makes so much more money than a world at war.

As for Syria and Iran – Each with their own agenda. The age old false claim of jealous possession of God. Sufi vs Sunni and the people of Syria to be their battleground.

There is only one way forward. That is for the Security Council (all of them) to enter Syria – they have 5 million military personal between them – stop the conflict and disarm both sides. Then seek new leaders voted in by the people of Syria – we also have to start a dialogue with ISIS – or else Syria will always be at war.

John Kerry has to at least seek other representatives of the people of the people to sit at the Table. The other problem is location. Vienna is a long way from Damascus. If you want Peace you must sometimes force it to the table. If Kerry and Russia want Assad then sit him down and let the people watch and participate. Kerry will probable patch-up seem sort of peace. But it will not last – how is he going to deal with the disarmament question and the retribution that Assad will instigate ?

This last question is one which the rebels will want answered before they agree to any Peace Proposal.

Kerry has also lost credibility by supporting the abuse of my human rights and that will not help his negotiating position.

A deal may be pushed through with a huge USA$ attached to it – thank-you very much will say Putin.

Because if Donald Trump becomes President the days of the free lunch are over. America must not let Kerry buy a Syrian Peace. Afghanistan and Iraq are proof that loyalty only exists in the minds of Obama

and George Bush.

What is the latest detail stumbling block with regard to reaching an agreement on the Syrian Peace Talk?

Author: Desmond Last

My name is Desmond Last. For the past 15~ years I have been writing and developing my own original new Ideas and Systems for a Better World. I am employed as a full-time Security Officer for the NSW Government at Liverpool Hospital Sydney. I also act as an Engineering Consultant to EarthCruiser Australia.

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