On average, how many people die every day in the UK?

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My answer to On average, how many people die every day in the UK?

Answer by Desmond Last:

Spiritually or Physically? I will give you both answers. Somewhere between 600–800 die everyday. That is physically. However Spiritually we all die a little everyday. While we gorge ourselves on an abundance of choice this happens………………………………..

‘Slowly she came to the sobbing realization that nobody in the World was going to save her. She was beside herself with worry and grief. He had said that they were the children of Africa. The Golden hope. That they could achieve so much. They had cheered him and waved him as they had been ordered to do – those that didn't were severely beaten – some never to be seen again. He had said that the World would not forget them and then in a cloud of dust and a cavalcade of cars Prince William was gone.’ Why then was her just-born baby not able to drink the muddy water she had walked so far to get with her United Nation’s Plastic bucket – a testament in itself to good intentions and naive trust. Did the U.N not know that the Money was going to pay the troops who beat her,and then raped her again and again. She knew the child was dead. She always knew. Hers was a sacrifice to greed and corruption, each day offered in their 000′s to the Gods of the West and China.

Sometime later on a train in a crowded Paris Metro she took her payment. The dead were covered in the blood of the memory of the pain she had endured and the hate she has fostered. in morality each of us. Where is the spirit of mankind that we let such misery exist.’

We all die a little each day as we watch with voyeuristic apathy the pain and suffering of so many.

I have answered your question in a different way. My belief in God allows for us to continue answering for our Evil or enjoying our humanity even after we die.


On average, how many people die every day in the UK?

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