Is David Cameron unchristian?

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My answer to Is David Cameron unchristian?

Answer by Desmond Last:

Yes. He is to me, but not to himself. He knows damn well what is required to make this World one we can all enjoy in Peace. He is too afraid of losing his Political Position to make those decisions. Why is he afraid? Because he does not have a Philosophy to fall back on. He has a creed. A structured belief in God that he has not developed or I doubt ever really thought about – such as been his pursuit of Power he has been prepared to bend God’s will to match his own.

Look at the Photo. Is that Christian?

I have a set of Ideas, Systems and a Philosophy which for the last 8 years with David Cameron’s knowledge I have been prevented from putting to the people of teh World. My work would have saved lives and somewhere in the World brought Peace. Why has Cameron not welcomed my work and supported me? Is that Christian. No it is self-preservation. I have, and can sit down and bring forth all the emotions all the awakenings that are required in a song to release from a Child Trafficker a memory of a kindness. I can with that song give freedom where there once was captivity.

What is Christian about Cameron stopping me from saving the life of the child in the photo – or for that matter the Archbishops of Westminster and Canterbury doing the same?.

When you become a Politician you do not put your belief in God into a nice little box to be used to justify yet another bombing in Syria. You do not, in a cold-blooded calculated move get rid of a Problem you helped create, and off-load it to Turkey – who are still developing their own human rights. You do not give God an elbow out of the way when you are reminded about 000′s of children who die of malnutrition every month in Africa whose Governments you shake hands with.- Do you think God would shake their hand?.

You do not stop me, using all the resources of the State, stop me from writing a development of the Bible and Quran that ISIS will read and may give them a perspective of how to achieve their aims.

You do not watch as 500 adults and children drown in the Mediterranean and blame anybody but yourself, because you could not stop a war – where is the Christianity in that?

If you want to follow the way of God toughen up. We have tough decisions to make. We need to get hard on criminals yet at the same time offer them a new life. We need to punish hard all the scum who prey on the weak and poor. We need to stop wars with the Troops who are paid to do that

We must stop the corruption, the hypocrisy, the false allowance claims, the tax dodges and all the excesses of executive pay for no results.We must throw, just as Jesus did, the money-changers out of our world – God’s world. It is un-Christian of Cameron to give lip-service and weak legislation to those who take that which is hard-earned by others and waste it to excess.

God may look all majestic and serene in our images of him. But he has had enough of a world for which he has provided everything yet we seek in every way to destroy it.

Sadly after so much endeavour, so many lives given in the pursuit of freedom and human rights, so many magnificent achievement we are at the brink of an abyss from which there will no return. The world needs God but God does not need us. What Cameron has done to me I can never forgive. For me there is not turning of the other cheek.

Does Cameron think God supports him in his abuse of my human rights?

The World must decide for itself. Is it to follow Cameron Obama Merkel et al . Are we to continue to support corruption, lies and deceit. Or are we protect innocence and pursue Justice? The gift of God is innocence.

Is David Cameron unchristian?

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