What is the Peace Walkway global project?

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My answer to What is the Peace Walkway global project?

Answer by Desmond Last:

I know what it is. It is a money-making exercise. The website explains the tourist revenue that can be expected to be obtained. Yes it is a reminder of the efforts and sacrifices that have been made to obtain World Peace. But as a writer and Poet I want art to confront and inspire. I want it to provoke and excite. I want it to demand and to change. Will a carefully ordered line of plaques be able to achieve that? No, I do not think so. I would like the one of the artists involved Paul-Felix Montez to explain why I have been ostracized by every artist and writer in the world. How has that helped world peace? I have written poetry songs and ideas for World Peace. I have had all my work stolen and copied. Millions made out of it. I live on £107/week. Will a line of plaques help World Peace. No. What will help Peace is when I sit down with the Taliban and write the life of Mullah Omar in verse. Then write a song they can sing and the world to buy and the money to be a loan for a new training school. The school to be for young Afghans to become engineers , not Drone fooder. Then after we have talked and debated and argued, and they have threatened to kill me, because I will never agree that their killing of innocents is with the will of God. When all that is over and I put their version of the world to the World – then and only then we can begin the first steps to World Peace . Now ask Obama, John Kerry and Cameron why they have stopped me doing that? It is of course a good idea to have plaques and reminders. If that is what people want – great. But I would rather the world gave me its support for what has been 8 years for their world. http://www.desmondlast.com

What is the Peace Walkway global project?

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