Is the biggest contributor to Global Warming the relationship government has with oil and gas? Is this what’s slowing Solar, and why?

My answer to Is the biggest contributor to Global Warming the relationship government has with oil and gas? Is this…

Answer by Desmond Last:

The biggest contributor to Climate Change is the People.We do not ask enough, we accept too much, we trust too much. Despite the fact that we know we cannot believe what Governments tell us we let them produce Paris 21 – which is the result of the Government's relationship between the vested self-interest of global business and vested self-interest. Yes. I agree with the point your question poses – but how do we change that, retain jobs and maintain the value-added of the Investment as well as the relevant countries strategic interests? We have the technology to power the whole world by Solar Power. I have stated previously that the time zones of Australia mean that Western Australia can provide power for New South Wales and vice-versa. But they do not- Why? Incompetent Government and consent changes of Governments are the reasons why Australia has not embraced Climate Change technology. Africa has a time zone spread that could solar-power the world. Why then do we not co-operate and build such a power-plant. Trust. Russia would then have to trust the US and China trust the West. Unless we can bring Governments closer together how can we hope to bring business people and government together. BP and Shell could make as much money out of drilling for water and producing water production technology than oil – but they do not. Why? Does China the largest producer of solar panels produce the most efficient solar panel or the design it is able to make the most money of? America spends more on maintaining security ($650 billion a year) than it does providing climate change technology and solution's for its 300 million people who will one day lose $650 billion of lost economic production because of Climate Change – why?

Because we let them. We have trusted our incompetent Governments to provide us with verified and trusted information and solutions to Climate Change. We have also trusted them to apportion the taxes we pay to the right solutions to climate change. We have also been scared. Scared we will lose jobs, our investment and our economic futures. If the oil compares knew they could retain profitability, investment return and jobs they would be 100 per cent behind solar power and other renewable’s. How then do we provide the alternatives to Gas and Oil and not increase energy costs beyond those of oil and gas whilst still maintaining the economic production necessary for each country to provide the essentials for its citizens. Note I said production not growth. The U.K economy the so-called Osborne Cameron miracle has produced growth by borrowing money (currently at £1.6 trillion and increasing at £5200~ a second) to provide infra-structure and services to cross-subsidy economies that have a higher retained value per £ received than the capital expectation of that same £ should it remain in the UK.) Why is this relevant? Because we must now question how the $ for Paris 21 are going to be used for the production of solar energy whilst the Oil and Gas Industry will be doing the same – how are we going to retain the value of our investment in Paris 21 ($100 billion a year from 2020) in new solar technology when the Oil and Gas Industry are still the prime energy producers? The answer is to change the direction of the investment of the Oil and Gas Producers. The fiscal policy of Government has to be used to direct investment and provide the jobs. There is a deadline to all of this. Gas and Oil offshore production is not only costly it is dangerous – very dangerous. We still have in our Oceans vast oil bubbles from oil Spills and gas bubbles also do the same damage.

We need Solar Energy because soon Oil and Gas production may become

interrupted by Climate Change.

How soon will the pressure build-ups in our atmospheres causing huge seas and bad weather make it impossible to drill and pipe oil and Gas? We do not know. Why? Because for 8 years I have been proposing a system of modelling that will predict just that.You must ask Obama and Cameramen why they have censored me. Why am I a most viewed writer on Quora and you consider my opinion to be worthy of a Question but not one media has ever interviewed me. The UK media never report me – why? Your question is a good one. I hope you share my answer to Media who , unlike the UK Media, care about the future of our wold.

Is the biggest contributor to Global Warming the relationship government has with oil and gas? Is this what's slowing Solar, and why?

Author: Desmond Last

My name is Desmond Last. For the past 15~ years I have been writing and developing my own original new Ideas and Systems for a Better World. I am employed as a full-time Security Officer for the NSW Government at Liverpool Hospital Sydney. I also act as an Engineering Consultant to EarthCruiser Australia.

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