Is al-Qaeda winning?

My answer to Is al-Qaeda winning?

Answer by Desmond Last:

Al-Qaeda is not winning but we are losing. As long as Al-Qaeda adopts the West’s culture of enforced acceptance Al-Qaeda will never win. We will always lose to Al-Qaeda until we use our wealth to equalize communities and not prop up Western backed failed States. I watch Obama and Cameron, the two main architects of Western Interference in the Middle East, and wonder why it is they are so committed to their form of Military and Economic Intervention that has never worked and never will.

The Arab Spring was overdue – but who delayed it? The West because of its addition to economic growth at any price fueled by the exploitation of cheap resources and the support of the harsh regimes that provided them. As long as the West holds back the development of a modern Arab Philosophy then there is nothing to replace the failed repressive states, so civil war is the expression of discontent.

Why have Obama and Cameron stopped me developing my understanding of God from an emotion to a method for Government? Because that what Arab is. Arab is not the cold disection of Jesus Christ into an economic liberalism which provides the modern equivalent of the poor house – the zero hours contact. Arab is emotion. It is huge gales of laughter and loud expressions of grief. It is solomon moments of meditation in a mosque and it is family. The West is not like that – we are a different culture. When are Obama and Cameron going to realise that a Brimstone Missile is not diplomacy and will grow another terrorist. Obama and Cameron watched for 5 years as 300,000 Syrians were murdered, slaughtered in front of their eyes. They did nothing. Yet they show horror when a terroist is so angry at the hypocrisy of it all he too will kill innocent civilians just as they did.

Al-Qaeda exists because of the West’s failure to address the failure of Christianity to live with Islam. Why is that? It is because we have tried to replace their values with ours. We have propped up undemocratic regimes and governments and bought loyalty – which turns and runs when we are not their to support it. What exactly is the West offering the followers and supporters of Al-Qaeda and the Taliban? Drug addiction in its millions? Crime that has become so systemic that we now use PR specialists to disguise it with different names. Child abuse and murders on that are on the increase. Sexual abuse and domestic violence on the increase. Illegal violent pornography on the increase. Al-Qaeda and ISIS are attempting to progress a philosophy that the West has attempted to bury with its own failed morality.

Why ?because nobody else is and for that the Ayatollah Ali Khamenei too must take some blame – Children have died in Yemen – that is against the will of God. Just as the Pope too must be much more critical of the Western Leaders. The Pope must become more than a photo opportunity for World Leaders seeking credit-ability. Both Pope Francis and Ayatollah Ali Khamenei have not supported me in my writings to bring Islam and Christianity together – Why?

When a wounded Marine comes back from Afghanistan having been prepared to die for his country – whose? Afghanistan or his. For Afghanistan is now covered in the blood of failed military intervention and political miscalculation. A lot of people have made a lot of money out of Afghanistan but it was not the Marines – some of them are still homeless, some jobless. Do we say to Al-Qaeda do you want a level of Government corruption so deeply buried in the system that we cannot even find the mis-appropriated funds. What do we say to the Mujaheddin

who are affiliated to Al-Qaeda. Sorry, but when those Russian tanks came over the Horizon you were meant to watch and do nothing. Even though when the Russian tanks roared into Hungary the West nearly went to war. Then when the America came in they were still meant to do nothing. Why is that? Why would we die for our country but not expect them to?

Why is it we think we can buy them all. Is that because we are bought. Bought with our own apathy and greed. We all know that right now somewhere a child has died in pain from malnutrition. We all know we can stop the deaths. Yet we continue to give AID to corrupt governments who Al-Qaeda and other groups then oppose. If Al-Qaeda and ISIS stopped killing innocent civilians and stopped suicide bombings they would become a Popular Peoples movement. They can stop killing Innocent civilians they can do that with us or because of us – and we too must do the same and that means Putin has to decide. Does he represent World Peace or Assad? ISIS and Al-Qaeda must accept the State of Israel. What are they going to do? Line-up the whole of Israel and shoot them all? We all have to live together. Are we to spend the rest of time citing ownership of God as the reason for murder. Moses too will not be waiting with open arms for those who bomb the children of Gaza. When the time comes I will by law remove the Blockade of Gaza and if necessary use force to enforce the International Legal Order. Israel must show it wants Peace. God is owned by no man or woman and it is time those who say they represent him remember he is for all of us. Heaven is not split into lots of little enclaves for each group. Just as there is only one Hell as one day Obama and Cameron will find out. Al Qaeda is not prepared to accept the drones which kill innocents and the support of Governments who abuse the human right of its people. Al-Qaeda must have shook their heads in disbelief last week when Cameron called the Afghanistan Government corrupt. British troops died to ensure that Afghanistan had a West-backed Government. Isn't that what Al-Qaeda and the Taliban have been saying for years? Well Mr Cameron corrupt governments have to go (isn't that what the Conference was about)- so Al-Qaeda is now carrying out Cameron policy! Al-Qaeda has to stop its killing of innocents. If it is unable to progress to a Democratic representation of the people it claims to represent then it is no different to Americas military intervention. I have spent 8 years writing and thinking of Afghanistan – I must have been a sheep in my previous life – I have a new economic system for them, a Peace process a Cease Fire Plan and a new understanding of God for them. I have written songs and Poetry for them- and Marines too. What does Obama and Cameron say to Al-Qaeda when Al-Qaeda watch the cruel and inhumane treatment I receive in the UK? Would Al-Qaeda treat me this way? Would Al-Qaeda try and blind me? Obama and Cameron should take note of my warnings for Al-Qaeda and ISIS only grow stronger because of their treatment of me. Let alone allowing a Global Criminal Group to commit any crime without arrest. How many more have to die in Afghanistan Obama? 2? 10? 20 Marines?

The world needs a new Philosophy and I will never forgive Obama and Cameron for stopping n me from providing it.I can feel an emotion for a child drawing in the Mediterran. I can take that emotion and write a Poem and sing a song. That child will never be forgotten and that song will remind the world of their desperate plight. I can then develop from the People’s response and discussion with my own ideas a Policy to prevent further loss of life. Obama and Cameroin cannot follow that road to Policy. They are not able to capture the imagaintion with their response and without imagaintion there is no dream and without a dream there is no hope. I cannot describe the absolute loathing I have for the teo so-called leaders of the Western World. I will not let them get away with stopping me making the world better. When the time comes I will use every legal means to bring them to Justice for what they have done to me. It breaks my heart to think of the people and children I could have helped. Why oh Why have Cameron and Obama stopped me from doing that?

Is al-Qaeda winning?

Author: Desmond Last

My name is Desmond Last. For the past 15~ years I have been writing and developing my own original new Ideas and Systems for a Better World. I am employed as a full-time Security Officer for the NSW Government at Liverpool Hospital Sydney. I also act as an Engineering Consultant to EarthCruiser Australia.

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