How can Africans sue America and China for the recent spikes in temperature due to global warming?

My answer to How can Africans sue America and China for the recent spikes in temperature due to global warming?

Answer by Desmond Last:

The question is a good one. It recognises that Africa has a problem. Which is good. Now can you call up Obama and explain in little words, as he has a problem with big ones like starving and malnourished that Africa has a problem. Because every-time he goes to Africa, when he has finished shaking hands with the leader of a country who he props up with Aid, he tells the Children of Africa how bright their future is – even though some will go blind because of malnutrition. What I like about the question is that it goes straight to the self-satisfied over-weight and resource greed of the West. What is amazing about the West is that it has more human rights advocates and Green very Green environmentalists per sq km than any other part of the World.Yet they do the most to destroy it. Because I have been ignored by the Greens and the Media in 8 years of writing about climate change I thought perhaps I was the only one who cared. Wrong they are all here on Quora. Suing the countries who have contributed most to Climate Change would be costly and counterproductive. I will give you an example of how the West could make a major contribution to reducing the effects of Climate Change but have not. I live in Bicester Down the road is a large car-park and a railway station. It is lit all night – even when there are no cars there. Now if we switched off all unnecessary public lighting all neon signs after midnight and removed every second motorway light that would make a huge difference. Coca-Cola could take the lead on this.

But we do not – why? Because a) I am not able to get any media time and to David Cameron I do not exist or Obama for that matter b) the West does not care enough. So how do we get the West to care. The only way we can do it is to change the Paris 21 agreement so that we make a mandatory list of prioritised and ranked achievable projects ,that will immediately reduce climate change by region – in the West public lighting and advertising lighting would be one of those.

We then stop all AID. We then list the priority projects in Africa by rank order that will provide water and food.Those countries who contribute most to Cliamte Change will have to ensure that the projects work and are sustainable and provide a value added ie they can make money. We can do that now. Paris 21 (which John Kerry excluded me from) does not report back till 2025 If we are to stop Climate Change we all need to work together. That is why any court action would be counter-productive. We need to provide Africa with a future that means water from desalination plants and food from the reclaimed land. Next time you walk past a British Embassy call in and ask them why I have censored by Cameron and the UK Media.

How can Africans sue America and China for the recent spikes in temperature due to global warming?

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