Are there any actions an individual can take to face the global warming, or we will just wait for governments to act, there has to be som…

My answer to Are there any actions an individual can take to face the global warming, or we will just wait for gove…

Answer by Desmond Last:

No. We cannot wait for Governments to act.The Governments we have at the moment are without doubt the worst examples of principled leadership mankind has ever had. They are simply incapable of making any decision which requires any form of change to vested self and moneyed interest. They have proved that they are completely incapable of solving any of the World’s Problems. We have given them our trust and the responsibility of that trust and they have instead taken Power. You only have to look at the way they brush past Journalists, avoid the People by never appearing in Public unless it is carefully choreographed, they never answer questions directly and they say it is ‘is a challenge to all of us’ as if we are somehow all responsible for their lack of direct action to solve mankind’s problems. We however, have let them become modern day Tyrants who believe that we are there to serve them and they they own us all. We have less democracy now than at any time in our history. Yes we have lots of ways of expressing ourself through Government bodies, but have you noticed that increasingly these bodies exist not for the Individual to gain the acknowledgement of his or plight through the Social Justice system but to protect the State from you getting access to it.

At the International Level individual democracy through collective will does not exist. Our world is governed by International Organisations who have immense power over us – but we do not as individuals do not elect a single one of them. Take the IMF – it wields huge economic power, has failed to produce a workable economic model and plan for any country, has an Executive under criminal investigation and then comes to the UK to lecture us on the economic dangers of leaving the U.K. This is the same ineffective organisation that last year produced its annual report of economic growth and never once mentioned Climate Change!!! Tony Blair who spent his way to sainthood and Prince Andrew who is still learning to count schoolgirls are on the World Economic Forum-why? They know nothing about economics. I had to describe the failed International State in order to explain why we have been fooled by John Kerry and others into accepting the Paris 21 agreement – which I intend to contest in court. First of all we trusted our Governments to produce a world in which we could enjoy life. They gave us lie after lie. They knew decades ago that polluting the Planet would eventually destroy life. They had the reports. Example: A report was published for the USA Federal Government some 10 year ago warning of drought and bushfires – it was ignored Why? I have spent 8 years warning of the dangers of climate change. More importantly I have new systems and ideas to ensure that we are all involved in reducing and reversing the negative effects of Climate Change. Here on Quora I have received good comments including from those in the scientific community – so why has not one member of Government anywhere in the world ever consulted me and not one Journalist anywhere in the world ever interviewed me – Why? The BBC and ITV know who I am. They know my ideas are of benefit to the World – yet for them I do not exist. So I am living proof you cannot trust a single word that comes out of the mouth of Obama, John Kerry, Merkel, Turnbull and the U.N Secretary General. Why have you been stopped from listening to me?

My ideas are new, they are workable and they are effective. So I say question everything and believe nothing. Until, at the International Level we the People have elected verified representation. That is the action we must take and that includes knowing and agreeing to the spending of our money. $100 Billion a year after 2020 is the Paris 21 Fund – I want to know, and so should you, where every cent is going and how effective in reversing climate change that every cent will be. Yes at the personal level demand and buy Green – but if you want to save the Planet do not let your Governments continue to lie and lie and lie.

Are there any actions an individual can take to face the global warming, or we will just wait for governments to act, there has to be som…

Author: Desmond Last

My name is Desmond Last. For the past 12~ years I have been writing and developing my own original new Ideas and Systems for a Better World. I am also a Poet, singer/songwriter and I enjoy producing music and fashion concepts. All my writing and work is copyright protected

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