Why do british migrate to australia?

My answer to Why do british migrate to australia?

Answer by Desmond Last:

To get away from the British and find some decent fish and chips. As history will one day record, the downfall of the British Empire came about when curried prawns made their way on the menus of Fish and Chip shops around the U.K. That of course and Polish sausage. No longer could an Englishman recognise his whereabouts after a night of drinking by the blurred menu in front of him. Not sure of where he was in his drunken state, he would look for a ferry to take him back to the UK . This is how the high-vis vest came into being. It reduced the accident rate outside fish and chip shops on Friday evenings. Now the high vis vest it is even worn  on the rare occasions the UK male has sex. His bloated beer belly makes sex difficult. These are the main reasons the Brits go to Australia. To remind them of home before Poland conquered it and to spend all their time in Australia complaining about Australia so they can feel homesick .Which is why in Australia they are known as Whinging Poms.


Why do british migrate to australia?

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