Why do all governments not work more assertively to have peace with finatical extremist muslim factions?

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My answer to Why do all governments not work more assertively to have peace with finatical extremist muslim faction…

Answer by Desmond Last:

Because they do not know how to. It is too hard. That would mean that they would have to accept that any ‘extreme’ they began a dialogue with them had a valid reason for waging war against them. I want to begin a dialogue with them and I believe I can. But I also cannot accept the killing of innocent civilians and suicide bombings. However I also cannot accept the killing of innocent civilians by Syria or Russia and Obama’s Drones. So, is it possible to achieve both? Can we stop both sides ie the Western Alliances and the Terrorist Organisations ( to their followers – Freedom Fighters) from killing innocent civilians? We can but Human Rights Lawyers showing off their $000′s dresses at Cannes, is not going to make it happen. We will need to get tough with Governments. We will have to use the Laws that exist to make sure innocent civilians are not killed and at the same time insist of the same to ISIS, Al Queada, the Taliban, Boko Haram and Al Shabab. How tough with Governments? The Charge of Crimes Against Humanity which still carry the death penalty but would be more likely be commuted to a life term. The Security Council is required by International Law to stop conflicts. China, U.K, USA, France and Russia have the responsibility to ensure that Afghanistan, Yemen, Iraq, Syria, Libya and all the other of the 70–90 conflicts that exist in the world aree stopped. Between them they have 5 million military personnel and the budget it to ensure that they can bring the Peace that so evades us and is slowly destroying us – thank God for Climate Change – now we have a choice of misery and Hell. My development of the United Nations would have ensured that we were on the right path to World peace ask Obama and Cameron why they have censored me? I know I can speak with ISIS, the Taliban, Al Qaeda Al Shabab and Boko Haram and I know they will speak to me. They know I will not sit there and say nothing about the killing of innocent civilians but they also know I do not trust the West. They also know my evolvement of the U.N is to enable all of us in the World to have a voice for our differences and that evolvement has as its foundation the Word of God – I would not be alive were it not for God’s intervention. Which is why the Archbishops of Canterbury and Westminster will one day face a court of God and Hell will be their Judgment.

ISIS et al know that if I achieve the aims of UN2 that a Global Defense Force will do whatever is necessary to bring any conflict to an end. However we have to remember that they are prepared to die for their cause and we can never defeat them. We can stop the conflict and contain it but that alone will not bring peace. We must address why it is they feel so passionately about their cause. When I wrote poetry for Mullah Omar and Afghanistan it was because he would not let first the Russians and then the Western Alliance take his country – would any of us be any different? But also because he was once a Teacher and a man who punished those who abused children – in that same poetry and song that came from the poetry ‘Somewhere in Afghanistan’ I also mourned the deaths of Marines in Georgia. I also wrote a poem for Ayman Al Zawhwerwi when I read of the loss of his wife and children from an American missile – because he was once a Doctor who saved lives and I wanted to reach for that – to build a bridge.

It is strange that Kerry and Putin will talk ot Assad and the rebels they have killed more innocents than Ayman Al -Zawahiri – However the question you must all ask is why I have been so censored by the West and its media? Al Queada ISIS Boko Haram and Al Shabab will read this and make the hypocrisy of Obama and Cameron known and it will give them more support.

Cameron and Obama are the radicalizers not ISIS. http://www.desmondlast.com

Why do all governments not work more assertively to have peace with finatical extremist muslim factions?

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