What percent of homeless people are drug abusers?

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My answer to What percent of homeless people are drug abusers?

Answer by Desmond Last:

Probably about the same as the traders on Wall Street. I often wonder what would happen if Wall Street had mandatory drug testing on a Monday morning. I doubt if there would be a Bull Market that day. I wonder when it is we are going to get serious about drug abuse. I know that in America it is taken so seriously that whole squads of LAPD highly trained Police, hide in wheelie bins waiting for grandma to get her next snort of cocaine so she can get high before the bingo. Why is it that the Police spend so much time at the bottom of the drug ladder and not at the top? When I was in Sydney I took drugs for a short period and what an eyeopener that was. It was easier to get drugs delivered than to order a Pizza. In fact several of the Sydney dealers lived in apartments right next to the Police Station behind Oxford Street. I gave up drugs despite efforts by known criminals to get me back on them. The homeless are no more drug users than the rest of society. Go to most nightclubs on a Saturday night and the dealers will be doing their trade just as on a Friday night dealers will be on their way to the A listers and their followers. To deal with drugs requires a regime. A regime that starts with your rich neighbor with two kids and a look at me wife who brings  in drugs through UK Customs in a truck to sell to 15 year olds who onsell to kids at school. I have said before we have 80,000 troops in the UK and if I were Prime-Minster my troops would at Dover et al and not one vehicle would come into the UK without being searched. The EU open borders policy is a magnet for drug dealers. It does not help that we failed in Afghanistan – as they have no economy (despite America spending 100 billion there) heroin is their economy of necessity.

I had never experienced  the drug world until that time in Sydney and it is a hell-hole for those who are vulnerable to drugs. I have had to intervene when I saw a young girl so high she would have done anything for another hit. I spent one Christmas with a woman who was in full psychosis trying to get her clean. In the end I paid for a plane ticket to get her away from the drug inner circle.

Governments have been so busy making an absolute mess of foreign Policy that drugs have not been high on the agenda. They need to be. Poverty does lead to drugs as a source of income and despite Cameron's and Obama feel good talk many people are now worse off than 1o years ago. We must start by proper border controls. We must start carrying  out more workplace checks. We must control the supply. That mean helping economies Mr Trump , not building walls. It means using new economic methods to help communities that rely on drug production and it means drug-testing the A listers on a Saturday night – which LAPD do not do. Yes some homelss take drugs but no more than the rest of society. I met many homelss in Sydney and most just wanted a roof and a job.

Drugs are a huge hole in the economy and such a waste of life. I have written so much more about ways in which we can reduce the drug supply but Obama and Cameron have made sure that for 8 years I have been censored. Why? My ideas are those they do not have. One day, with the whole world watching, I will ask them. The reason I have put a photo of Hogan-Howe on the page is because in the UK the Global Criminal Group who organise the persecution I am subject to are selling a very addictive drugs and he will not arrest them. http://www.desmondlast.com

What percent of homeless people are drug abusers?

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