What countries are most in danger from climate change?

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My answer to What countries are most in danger from climate change?

Answer by Desmond Last:

I started to write you a specific answer. Then thought it may be better to first discuss what it is we are in danger of. We have to realize that the Planet is sealed. Heat, pressure and carbon dioxide cannot leave it. They either accumulate above ground or below ground and saturate our bio-systems including ourselves – which why there is such an increase in cancer and now and soon to be much worse communicable diseases. or below ground with the consequent increase in pressure leading to more earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. Everything is being affected. When I first came back to the UK (seeking Justice – more fool me – another story) I immediately noticed the dying grass anywhere where there was a buildup or steady  fall of rain. The U.K is just as prone to Climate Change as any other country – in fact more so. I have tried to warn the likes of Nicholas Carter of the UK Army but as he is too busy bowing to the Queen and marching up and down, he does not appreciate the dangers of Climate Change to the UK and the military Trojan Horse it can be used as.  The isolated ivory towers of the EU have absolutely no idea of what is going to happen to Europe as Climate Change develops. Right now in India there is a drought. Some of the Provinces are without water – of course the UK Media as usual are too busy reporting Prince Williams latest visit  to even mention the drought. Some 200-300 million Indians have been affected – not a beep during Prince Williams visit. India's nuclear weapons or Space program will not help provide drinking water – which is something Governments have got to come to terms with. How much more do you spend on your Military to protect your county from the possibility of climate change conflicts  as opposed to spending it on desalination plants for your people? Countries with poor populations and an economies depending on Aid are in trouble. As Climate Change worsens and countries need funds for domestic  climate change Aid will stop. It will not be open to debate – it will simply dry up. Aid Organisations and Charities will fold. They have milked the Gravy train and it is about to crash. Now I do not know what drugs Obama takes but they are not truth drugs. He knows all this and no doubt the Governments are fully prepared to shoot you. Because that is what is going to happen. We will suffer food and water shortages and power and transport disruption. One day Hungary or Greece is going to look across it border and see thousands and thousands of starving hungry people – and it will shoot to stop them taking the food and water from its own people. So back to your question – nowhere is going to be safe. We have been fooled by our governments into thinking Paris 21 is going to save the World. All Paris 21 is going to do is allow the trough slurpers to make more money out of the peoples money – the same group who take it out of all the umbrella Organisations.. Obviously river side homes, beach-side homes, base of mountain homes are all at risk as are those countries who have large flat coastal areas with mountain ranges directly behind them, as are the low sea level Pacific Islands, as is Australia soon to become a dust-bowl. Am I wrong no. Why are taking the risk that I am wrong. Carried out correctly we could have all benefited from putting policies into place that benefit our Planet – now it is too little to late. I have written a whole set of systems for dealing with Climate Change without losing Jobs; Obama, Cameron, Gillard, Abbott, Turnbull the UN completely ignored me – what have we got now. Paris 21 – a money making exercise for so many. http://www.desmondlast.com

What countries are most in danger from climate change?

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