What are some practical solutions to climate change?

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My answer to What are some practical solutions to climate change?

Answer by Desmond Last:

The first solution would be to tear-up the Paris 21 Climate Change agreement and start again. John Kerry should be arrested for making false and misleading statements. He told the World how a 'non-binding' agreement was going to make a difference. Mind you, he is also the same person who is trying to get the two sides that between them  killed 300,000 Syrians, to be a Government in Syria.

Why we put up with these Politicians who have not one idea between to improve our World, I have no idea. If we as a World want to first slow down the acceleration of the rate at which our climate is changing and then reverse that change we have to have an agenda and a Plan. The Paris 21 has neither. I have read the agreement. It is a masterpiece of self-congregation and vague promises and agreements. There is only one way to deal with climate change and that is for  a real-time model to be created using parallel processing (a new system I have developed) not sequential programming so we can create an order of priorities. We have to use the 80/20 rule. There are many changes we are making to the Planet that affect the Climate. Some of those changes are marginal, some make larger changes and some create an instant change to our bio-systems. Paris 21, which I was excluded from by Obama, Cameron and the U.N, does not do that. It allocates groups of 'experts' without security  verification systems ( to make sure they are genuine) who will decide who to allocate the 100 billion a year funds available from 2020. I suppose Cameron will make sure the 'fantastically corrupt governments' get their hands on as much of it as possible. It is not possible to make the changes that are needed using the Paris 21 method. John Kerry should be sacked for fooling everybody into thinking Climate Change is now 'done and dusted'. Using my method we would have gone to Paris 21 with the outcome of the model, agreed by all countries, and a list of Priorities allocated to each country.

Until this is done we are wasting our time and money on Paris 21. On a personal level try and change shopping habits. Only buy what is good for the Planet. You can also ask Obama and Cameron why I have been prevented from putting my Polocies for Climate Change to the World. http://www.desmondlast.com

What are some practical solutions to climate change?

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